Bad Ass Stencils

The Bad Ass line of stencils from renowned face & body paint artist, Andrea O'Donnell, feature a wide variety of designs, providing artists with innumerable choices. They are easy to use, durable stencils made of high quality mylar. Bad Ass Stencils are thin and flexible and can be used anywhere in the body. Styles available include mini stencils, half ass stencils, full size stencils, eye brow stencils and hot wingz. More company info... 

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Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Scattered Stars - BAM1039 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Reptile - BAM1004 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Gradient - BAM 1206 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Snowflakes - BAM1036 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Squares - BAM1027 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Snakeskin - BAM1005 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - BAM 1312 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Fish Scales - BAM1013 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Diamond Stars - BAM1015 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Reptile Skin - BAM4005 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - BAM 1217 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Hearts - BAM1042 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Tired Tread - BAM4015 $4.00
Bad Ass Copy Cat Stencil - Fish Scales - BACC 9004 $6.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Retro Starbursts - BAM1040 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Tiny Stars - BAM2016 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Splatters - BAM1017 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Bubbles - BAM1011 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Sports Balls - BAM1419 $4.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencils - Splatter Skull - BAM1415 $4.00

Product Reviews

Product Info

BAM Alpha Stencils

BAM ALPHA Stencils from Bad Ass Stencils are perfect font stencils for adding custom lettering and messages to your face and body painting. Each ALPHA BAM stencil is 8.5" x 11" in size and makes a full alphabet set. ALPHA Stencils are available in a variety of awesome fonts.

BAM PAX Stencils

BAM PAX Stencils from Bad Ass Stencils come as 5 different stencil designs in one sheet. Designs in a sheet follow a common theme such as fairies, fireworks, pirates etc, there by making PAX Stencils a great tool for easy creation of multiple designs in theme events, birthday parties and other occasions.

Eyebrow Bundles

Bad Ass Eye Brow Bundles contain 10 unique eyebrow templates bundled together by theme. Perfect for a variety of eye accents.

Eyebrow Stencils Eyebrow Stencils

Bad Ass Eye Brow Stencils are 7” x 3.25” high quality mylar stencils that are perfect for creating stunning eye accents. Each stencil features a design for both eyes, in two sizes.

Full Size Stencils

Bad Ass Full Size Stencils are 8.5” x 11” in size and contain several related designs. Multiple designs can be created using same sheet.

Half Ass Stencils
Half Ass Stencils

Half Ass Stencils are 3.3” x 2” high grade mylar stencils perfect for use on tiny faces. They are easy to use, durable and reusable.


HotWingz are uniquely shaped mylar stencils perfect for eye accents or any other part of the body. Each theme includes an assortment of eyeshadow designs, fun templates, decorative edges and intricate textures.

Mini Stencils
Mini Stencils

Mini Stencils are 5" x 3.5" Oval Shaped Stencils made of high quality mylar. Perfect for use on any part of the body. Available as individual stencils or as a full set or expansion set or pro sets.

Triple Threat Stencils
Triple Threat Stencils

Bad Ass Stencil Triple Threat Stencils contain three pieces of related design, can be used to create similar patterned design for different sizes, shapes and different body areas.

Mini Stencil Sets
Stencil Sets

Bad Ass Stencil Sets are available as a full set of 45 original stencil designs or an expansion set of 36 newer design additions. Also available as sets of 25 unique designs - pro sets 1 through 5. These stencil sets are a great asset to seasonal body paint artists, offering the versatility and flexibility in choice of designs and ease of use.

Safety Info

Bad Ass Stencils by iStencils, are made in the USA using the highest quality ingredients in its products. Stencils are made using laser cut technology on durable and flexible 7 mil plastic mylar. Bad Ass Stencils are easy to use with sponge, brush or airbrush to create beautiful face and body art. Stencils are easy to clean and store for reusing several times.

Application & Removal Tips

Mini StencilsStencils
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How Do I Use Bad Ass Stencils
Lay on skin and dab makeup on with a sponge, brush or spray with airbrush.

After use, clean stencil with soap and water. Use alcohol if desired.

Check out our blog post on how to face paint with stencils.


Learn more about Bad Ass Stencils

Bad Ass Stencils are made by iStencils, whose parent company - Stencils Online has been in business from 1994, focusing on custom stencil manufacturing. The company has since then been working with several renowned and talented artists to come up with new and ingenious designs in stencils. Company has perfected its operations in manufacturing precision laser cut stencils that takes face and body art to next level, by combining positive aspects of ease of use and sophistication of designs.