Happy Car Face Painting Tutorial

As many artists, I find it challenging to create designs for some themes. As it turns out, cars are one of these, but this happy little guy will be fun and easy to paint for your automobile fans.


Diamond FX or Wolfe white
Diamond FX or Wolfe black
TAG yellow
TAG light green
Paradise black
#5 round brush
#2 round brush
Sponge or dauber
• Square or checked stencil


Begin by loading your #5 round brush with white face paint and creating two small round eyes just below half-way on the forehead.

Add yellow with the #5 round brush around the white in a trapezoid shape which will be the car window.

Create the car shape around the window, again using the #5 round brush and TAG light green. Add car wheels with small flat brush and black, and don’t forget the two headlights with white.

Use your #2 round brush to add outlines and details to the design. To make the highlight of the eyes, either paint around the small white spot with black, or use your small round brush to add one dot of white to each eye.

Load your sponge or dauber with Paradise black, which is a nice, flat black which is good for stenciling, and use a checkered stencil (or your favorite textured stencil) to add a background on either side of the car.

Add highlights with a small, round brush to complete the design.

Happy painting!

Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary artist for Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. Stop by to see other face painting tutorials by Beth. 

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