Fast Versatile Valentine’s Butterfly



SillyFarm Arty Brush Cakes – Cupcake

Wolfe white

Wolfe black

flat brush one stroke ¾” (such as Chameleon)

flat brush one stroke #12 (such as Donna Drewberry)

Round brush #4 such as Mark Reid


BAM hearts stenciland a sponge

Pearl Heart jewels, assorted

skin adhesive such as Pros-Aide

Mama Clown Glitter pink

Googly eyes


This is a design that is perfect for lines that need to move fast and for children that do not like their eyes painted (or adults that do not appreciate having their original eye make-up covered)


You start loading your brush with the big ¾” flat brush; load your paint well up to the ferrule.

The focus point is between your eyebrows (where they would come together would they flow together)

It helps to place a mark in a slight angle to help with the focus on the flow (see picture) and paint on one big loop around the eye and a second look underneath your eye about like a huge heart (darker shade outer corner). Add two more loops to shape a heart for the lower wing. Repeat on the other side (reload the paint if necessary). Should you decide to put on some glitter on the wings, now would be the time to apply some as long as the paint is still wet. Who doesn’t love glitter?

Now load your round brush #4 and outline as much as you please with Wolfe black. Add some simple long heart teardrop on the lower wings and add some hearts for the body of the butterfly (big to small).


Load your smaller flat brush with the two darker shades of the split cake and add 2 loops to shape a heart for its head. Draw on Antennas and add white hearts and highlights with Wolfe white.


Now you can just leave it like that or you can add more interest to the design, to match your models age or taste. Have fun playing with it! Use a heart stencil to sponge on some pink or white hearts on the upper wings? You may even add heart shaped gems to the wings or antennas? For a younger child googly eye may be a hit while for a teenager glitter on the outer wings would be more suitable, maybe even together with glitter lips?

Happy Valentine’s !

PS; in case you like the googly eyes with the eye lids that I used, stay tuned for my googly eye tutorial where I will show you how to make them!