Vivid Glitter Gleam Glitter Cream Palette - Galactic UV (6 Colors)


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VIVID Glitter Gleam palette is an easy to use, skin safe, great value glitter palette, featuring 6 gorgeous UV reactive Glitter Cream colors for adding eye-catching sparkly designs. Galactic UV Gleam Palette includes the following shades: Gum Nebula, Antigravity, Candy Cosmos, Ignite, Nu-Ocean, Electroshock. Gleam Glitter Cream Palette, with vibrant color combos is a must have for glitter lovers.

VIVID Gleam Chunky Glitter Cream contains large-cut, cosmetic grade, polyester glitter, in a cream base, that can be used to add dazzling accents to your face, hair or body with ease and speed! Gleam's special formula does not dry out like other standard glitter gels and withstands varying weather effects such as hot or cold. Smooth cream formula goes on smoothly over face paint designs without smearing them. Neon/UV reactive glitter particles will create special effects with their fluorescent glow under UV light.

Net Weight 48 gm ( 8 grams per color). 6 removable containers, with 10 gm of glitter. Please note that 10 gm is the size of each jar. The actual weight of the each color combo is approximately 8 gm. Exact glitter weight can vary depending on density of specific particles used, whether it is aloe based or gleam based etc.

How Do I Apply?
Scoop a small amount using a a Silicone Glitter Applicator and spread over skin directly or over completed face paint designs. The cream based formula adheres without requiring any adhesive or glue.

Glitter glue like Ben Nye Glitter Glue or VIVID Glitz Glitter Glue can be used to ensure strong adhesion of chunky glitter over large body paint designs.

How Do I Remove?
Loosen the application using soap and wash off with water.

How To Store Glitter Cream?
Seal the container tightly and store in up right position.
Triglyceride, coconut oil, octyldodecanol, ozo- kerite wax, polyisobutene, castor oil, microcrystalline wax, synthetic wax, dl-alpha tocopherol.

Vivid Glitters are made in the USA, using cosmetic grade polyester and is safe to use on face, body or hair. Chunky Glitters are not recommended by FDA for use as eye makeup. Extra care is recommended for use in face, avoiding direct contact with eyelids and near by area. Not recommended for children as small glitter pieces pose a choking hazard.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.

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Customer Reviews

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Melissa Morgan-Oakes
Love Gleam!!

I’m very much about minimum time/maximum value when I’m working. These glitter creams let me add a like extra without endangering my paint job. They can also be used to cover up the occasional error, because they glide nicely over dry paint. Excellent product!

Nancy P

I absolutely love this glitter 😊 I love how the glitter is conveniently laid out in these pallettes too !!