White Polyester Glitters

Apply white glitter over wet face paint or makeup to give an all over shimmer to your design. Since the white glitter powder possesses an iridescent shine, it presents a stunning effect as an alternative to your normal makeup.


VIVID Glitter White Hologram Glitter Stackable $3.99
Jim Howle Poofable Glitter - Opal (1 oz) $10.00
VIVID Glitter Zirconia Glitter Stackable $3.99
Fusion Body Art Glitter - Magic Pixie Dust (10 gm/0.35 oz) $7.00
Sold Out
Art Factory Rainbow Crystal Glitter - Fairy Dust (0.5 oz) $4.00
Sold Out
Amerikan Body Art Cosmetic Glitter - Brilliant White (Opaque) $3.98 - $10.00
Amerikan Body Art Glitter - Holographic White (Sheer) $3.98 - $10.00
Ben Nye Sparklers Glitter - Opal Ice (MD-1) $7.00 - $14.00
Sold Out
Mama Clown Iridescent Glitter Jar - White Glitter Dust (1 oz/28 gm) $5.00
Sold Out
Mama Clown Iridescent Poofable Glitter White Glitter Dust (1 oz/28 gm) $5.00
Sold Out
Mehron Glitter Dust - Opalescent White W (0.25 oz/7 gm) $5.95
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