Ben Nye Sparklers Glitter - Opal Ice (MD-1)

Ben Nye

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Ben Nye Sparklers Glitter Build Your Own Kit (Pick 3 Colors)

Save on a set of 3 - Pick your own colors!

Ben Nye Opal Ice Sparklers Glitter is a fine, cosmetic grade polyester glitter that can be used to create a glittery glow on the face, hair, nearly everywhere. Press Ben Nye Glitter into unpowdered creme makeup, or sprinkle into Glitter Glue or lightly sprayed LiquiSet Sealer. Ben Nye Glitter 0.14 ounce container includes a convenient plug fitment with a small hole, perfect for a small powder brush. The 0.5 oz Ben Nye Glitter bottle can be used to refill small container, or to fill empty puff bottles.

How Many Applications Will The Glitter Give?
  • Each 0.14 ounce Ben Nye Opal Ice Sparklers Glitter Container gives 10-50 applications.
  • Each 0.5 ounce Ben Nye Opal Ice Sparklers Glitter Container gives 30-150 applications.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.

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