Mehron Fake Blood

Mehron Stage Blood is a realistic, viscous, nearly opaque liquid blood that is completely non-toxic and washes off skin easily with soap and water. and so safe it's even edible, so it can safely be used around the mouth area. Mehron Blood Gel is the blood of choice for theater productions, video shoots and halloween fake blood. Mehron Performance Squirt Blood is a quality Squirt Blood that is water based, not sticky syrup, so it squirts, gushes and splatters. Material Safety Data Sheets & More from Mehron...


Mehron Blood Gel (1 oz) $4.95 $5.95
Mehron Splatter Blood Spray (1 oz) $4.95 $5.95
Mehron Stage Blood $4.95 - $6.95
Mehron Squirt Blood, Bright Arterial (2 oz) $4.95 $5.95
Mehron Squirt Blood - Dark Venous (2 oz) $4.95 $5.95