Mehron Squirt Blood, Bright Arterial (2 oz)


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Mehron Performance Squirt Blood is a quality Squirt Blood that is water based, not sticky syrup, so it squirts, gushes and splatters. Performance Squirt Blood can be for splatter effects on skin and clothes or used in appliances with tubing and a pump bulb to project squirting blood effects. Because Mehron Performance Squirt Blood is water based it is easily removed from skin, hair and costumes. 2 ounce size.
How Many Applications Will This Give?
Each 2 ounces Mehron Squirt Blood bottle will give 10 to 30 applications.

How Do I Apply & Remove?
Squirt Blood will run and eventually dry on skin. It can be used anywhere for a realistic bloody effect.

To Remove: Wash off skin with soap and water. The red in blood products may stain clothing and skin. Use Barrier Spray to minimize staining of the skin. For clothing, pre-test for staining, then wash immediately after applying a pre-wash to the spot.

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