Kryolan Glitter

Kryolan Glamour Sparks are an super fine, high-luster non-metallic powder that gives an iridescent sheen and sparkling effects on the skin. Kryolan Glitter Litesare cosmetic grade, fine glitter that let you add sparkle and glitz to any face paint design.High quality polyester Glimmer from Kryolan are light and comfortable to wear anywhere in your face or body. Great for application on face, eyes, hair, nails or lips to create stunning effects.

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Kryolan Glimmer Build Your Own Kit (Pick 3 Colors)

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Product Info Application & Removal Safety Info
Info Apply Safety
Kryolan Pintura Natural Glitter Set - 4 Colors
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Kryolan Metallic Flakes - Gold
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Kryolan Glamour Sparks - Silver
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Kryolan Pressed Powder Compact - Black Glitter
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Kryolan Metallic Flakes - Silver
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