Kryolan Build Your Own Glitter Kit (Pick 3+ Colors)

Pick any three colors in this set at a 10% discount than buying the colors individually! Discount will be applied to price shown below once the product is added to the bundle. Once you have added the bundle to cart, you can always click on the bundle in the cart, to edit it and change.

Kryolan Polyester Glimmer is a cosmetic grade polyester glitter that can be used to add sparkling effects to your face and body art. Fine Glimmer contains very fine glitter particles of 25/200 particle size. Coarse Glimmer contains square shaped, chunky glitter particles of 25/90 particle size. Coarse Glitter is great to add an extra three dimensional effect to your designs. Each color comes in 4 gram size in a compact, light-weight container.

Kryolan also offers Metal Flakes which is an ultra fine, metal flake makeup that lets you add dynamic metallic shine to any face paint or makeup look. Metal Flakes can also be applied over any artifical surface for glitter effects. This ultra fine, delicate foil metal can be adhered over base foundation or stuck using multi gel or spirit gum (sold separately), to create intense metallic effects. Comes in 1 gm size.