Kraze FX Brushes & Sponges

Kraze FX professional brushes have been designed by face painters for face painters. Kraze brushes are very flexible and durable brushes that are easy to clean and reuse several times. Brush handles are made of birch and coated with environment friendly, water based paint. Kraze brushes have copper ferrules, electroplated first with nickel and then with chrome & bristles made of PBT, which makes it soft, durable and less water absorbent. Read how to care for your brushes.

Kraze FX half moon sponges and petal sponges are durable accessories to add to your face painting kit.

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Kraze FX Half Moon Sponge $1.00 - $8.00
Kraze FX Petal Brush (3/16") $3.95
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