Kraze FX #3 Round Brush (1/16")

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Kraze FX Round #3 Brushes are high quality brushes ideal for line work, painting inside small areas, outlining and detailing. Kraze Round brushes offer a lot of flexibility to the face painter and can be used to create lines of varying thickness.

Brush handles are made of birch and coated with environment friendly, water based paint. Kraze brushes have copper ferrules, electroplated first with nickel and then with chrome & bristles made of PBT, which makes it soft, durable and less water absorbent. Round #3 brush measures 7 and 1/4" in length from tip to end. The handles are approximately 3/16" in diameter. The brush bristles are 1/2" long and approximately 1/16 inch wide at the ferrule.

Round brush can be used to pickup, hold and apply face paints smoothly and evenly, and hence is a preferred brush for intricate designs, swirls, curls and tear drops. These long lasting and sturdy brushes can be easily cleaned and reused multiple times. Kraze FX brushes have been designed by face painters and makeup artists. Ideal for beginners or seasoned artists alike.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.

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Customer Reviews

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This brush is used the most and always produces accurate lines. Holds just the right amount of water for perfect loading and the bristles retain perfect shape thru many uses. Excellent product!

Angel M Gibson
My first experience with this brand of brushes

I LOVE FIRM BRUSHES! The bounce back is great and they hold paint really good. The point is fine and makes it easy to make a nice clean swirl or teardrop. Another plus is if you clean your brushes like I do, they seem to hold up well to a good scrub on the silicone pad and they bounce back into shape after a boiling water dip. I highly recommend and will be buying more.

LR Kreations
Great quality of product

Smooth application, holds paint and its shape. Love this brand. I bought more of their brushes.

Similar to #2

Good for a light outline or accenting.

Robert Middleton
Here's a good tip!

Very smooth application. Need a few more.