Cleansers & Removers

Makeup Sanitizers are very effective in removing bacteria and contamination from a variety of your face paint and cosmetic products. Everyday sanitation helps in keeping your face paint products clean and safe. Available in liquid form, wipe form or mist form, for a variety of your makeup products. Recommended for use at group face painting events for eliminating infections and makeup contamination between applications.


Mehron Liquid Brush Cleaner $5.95 $6.95
Masterson Rinse Well Brush Cleaner $21.50
Jest Paint Brush and Body Wash $11.99
Silly Farm Brush Bath/Cleaner $13.00
Superstar Face Painting Brush Soap - Rose $4.70
Silly Farm Brush Bath/Cleaner Spray $16.00
BeautySoClean Conditioning Brush Cleanser $24.99
The Face Painting Shop Blue Brush Soap $10.76
BeautySoClean Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes (100/Box) $17.49
BeautySoClean Wipeout Professional Brush Cleaner $29.99 - $39.99
European Body Art Alcohol Free Makeup Remover - Unveil $7.00 - $12.00
Ben Nye Quick Cleanse Makeup Remover $8.00 - $16.00
BeautySoClean Super Clean Brush Cleanser $18.99
Cameleon Brush & Body Lemon Sorbet Foam Soap $22.80
Mehron Hand Hygeine Gel (2 oz/60 ml) $4.96
Beautysoclean LashSoClean False Eyelash Sanitizer Kit (8 ml w/ Tool) $15.00
Mehron Makeup Remover Cream $7.95
Mehron Makeup Remover Lotion $6.95 $7.95
Superstar Makeup Remover $3.00
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Superstar Brush Soap (70 gm) $5.25
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