Beginner Kits

Want to face paint your child for Halloween, but not sure how? A face painting kit could be your answer. Face painting kits typically contain everything you need for a particular face-paint design, including the kid safe face paint and step-by-step instructions. Ideal for kids parties and plays, face paint kits make face painting easy.


Fusion Body Art Perfect Face Painting Kit $33.99
Fusion Body Art Unicorn and Fairy Face Painting Kit $33.99
Snazaroo Face Painting Palette Kits - Rainbow (8 Colors) $14.76
Silly Farm Rainbow Party Face Fun Kit $49.98
Kraze FX Face Paints - Black & White Value Pack (50 gm each) $21.60 $24.00
Kraze FX Face Paints - Gold, Black & White Value Pack (25 gm each) $17.28 $20.70
Kraze FX Face Paints - Red, White & Blue Value Pack (25 gm each) $16.20 $19.50
Kraze FX Face Paints - Yellow & Blue Value Pack (25 gm each) $10.80 $13.00
Snazaroo Ultimate Party Pack $23.40
Wolfe Sugar Skull Face Paint Kits $3.50
Kraze FX Dome Stroke Value Pack Kit (Set of 12, 25 gm each) $104.16 $130.20
Wolfe F/X Mini Appetizer Palette (6/Colors) - Pearl $8.00 Beginner Face Painting Kit $28.07 $41.76
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Wolfe Character Pearlescent Face Painting Kit $6.00
Wolfe Fairy Face Painting Kits (4 Colors) $3.50
Snazaroo Face Painting Palette Kit - Halloween (8 Colors) $14.25
Wolfe Skull Face Painting Kit $3.50
Wolfe Devil Face Painting Kit $3.50
Wolfe Mardi Gras Face Painting Kit $3.50
Wolfe Character Animal Face Painting Kit $6.00