Webinar: Sports Designs with Pam Kinneberg

In this webinar, learn Sports Designs with Pam Kinneberg!


Design #1

I'm gonna start with the center focal point on this mask and I'm using this round Kryvaline sponge to create a basketball right in the middle. I'm using this Sundown by Kraze and I'm gonna pick up these first three colors with the yellow at the top and the darker colors at the bottom. Swirl it so that the colors blend together and they're not in stripes.

The next thing I'm going to do is do a couple of lightning bolts right on the side of this and I'm gonna use a 1/4" flat brush and Summer Days from the Fusion Leanne's Fairy Collection Petal Palette. I'm gonna make a little mark right where I want to end the top strokes so I get them even and I'm keeping the orange at the bottom kind of like a shadow somewhat and I'm gonna start from there. And then I'll do the bottom part of the bolt and I turn my brush so that it ends in a point.

Now comes the part where you would choose the color of whatever team it is that you're painting for. I'm gonna use a yellow and a green, using Green Bay one stroke and a 3/4" flat brush. I'm going to come up underneath the lightning bolts and paint strokes on each side just so you get some color under those.

Then I'm gonna put a stencil on there. I'm using this Lea Selley GraffitiEyes Stencil and I'm going to load it with some Kraze White. I'm using that to get my texture on my basketball. I'm putting it so that the smaller circles are on top because they'd be receding.

I'm starting the line work by taking a #3 round brush with some Kraze Black. I'm gonna paint a center line right down the middle of the basketball so that it's symmetrical. And then just paint those lines in the basketball. I'm gonna outline part of this basketball. I tend not to just put a black line around the whole thing just because I'd like to have some negative space go up into it and that way it just doesn't get so blocked off.

Now I'm gonna put the rest of my line work in so that you can start seeing the shapes of everything. I'm not gonna paint a top line on the lightning because I don't wanna paint lines around every single thing. On the sides, I'm gonna put a some tribal line work.

Next, I'm gonna put another stencil down the center. I'm using this BAM #1039 and I'm gonna stencil 3 stars down the center using Superstar Dark Green. I'm just going to paint 3 stars right down the center in a line just to keep it symmetrical.

And now I'm gonna put some white dots in here and some highlights. It's always nice to have some contrast in your designs and so the white accomplishes that purpose.

At this point, you can be done but I'm going to put in some glitter using VIVID Glitter's Sea of Glass. I'm just gonna paint some of this Glitz Glitter Glue where I want my glitter in these open spaces and then placing the glitter on top. This is just a nice finish to the design and makes it really fun and sparkly.

If you wanted to, you could paint the lips too. I'm not going to do it now but you could paint them the color of the team if somebody's really a fanatic about the colors of their team. There you go! There is our first mask!



Design #2

I'm starting with the eyes and I'm going to use Nat's Gold Edition Tigress cake. We're gonna do the eyes with those but the first thing I wanna do is map out where your first color is gonna go so I'm just taking some of the brown out of that cake and I'm gonna just draw my football. The football is gonna go around the eyes. Try to get it as symmetrical as you can. You wanna have a nice but graceful flow outward. Then just use that one stroke to go around the lid and fill that middle part in with your gold.

I wanna bring in some of the color of that fire into the eyelids and so I'm using a petal sponge with this Tango rainbow cake and subtly applying it on the eyelids. This really helps bring it together.Those are our footballs and we'll be adding some details to those.

The next thing that I'm gonna put in is some flames with a 1/2" flat brush and Bam. I'm going to just do the flames on the upper portion. I'm keeping my dark on the outside. I'm trying to create this flow kind of in a nice little gradual slope out to the edge. And then I'm going to fill it in with the yellow end of my brush and I'm gonna leave a little gap in between the dark brown and the flame because I'm gonna come in there with blue later. 

Now we're gonna come in with the blue and I'm using Kraze Tardis. Here's where you would put your color in of your team that you are painting for. I'm gonna be doing 2 stripes, one on each side that kind of follows the curve of the footballs and come down to the center. Again, another sort of angular design. They're sort of a little reminiscent of shades, where the football players put that mark underneath their eyes. Then I'm gonna connect the center portion with a v. Draw in that blue color around the whole design so it makes it cohesive and that is why I left room between the flames and the football.

I'm using this BAM #1218 stencil and I'm gonna put some dots on the football using gold paint. I don't want them to be really, really obvious. Then I'm also going to put those same dots on a portion of the swatch of blue I have going.

Now let's do some line work. I'm gonna use a #3 round brush again with some Kraze Black. I'm outlining these flames, then I'll outline this blue area just to make that a little bit more obvious. And then around the football. And then I'm gonna do tribal marks again.

Now we're gonna go in with Kraze White and a #3 round brush and that's where we're gonna put more football markings in there so that it begins to look more like a football. And while I have my white, I'm gonna put some dots in. Again, that contrast always does wonders to your design because it makes things pop. I'm just gonna put dots that come down on each side, emphasizing that angular slope.

I'm gonna actually add a little bit of shading in to give it a little more depth so I'm gonna put black on either side of these stripes to define them and I'm gonna put black as a shadow underneath the stitches. I'm only gonna do one side and up to make them look more three-dimensional. 

Then I'm gonna take Matteo's blender brush and I'm just going to do some dry brushing to add some shadows. I make it just slightly damp and soften those lines. It makes it look a little bit more flamey.

If you want, you can put some glitter underneath. I am putting Peacock Festival Glitter. You could do blue lips if they were really crazy about the color of their team and that would finish off the design nicely, too. So there you go!



Design #3

I am using this cool sponge that comes on this little stick and it's just nice and round and we're going to load it with white paint. So there's our white circle.

And then I'm going to use my 3/4" flat brush again with TAG Red White and Blue. I just go around that ball and then I make one more loop around the eye and just meet up right there. So that's our base.

And I'm taking this same Lea Selley stencil and put some dots in there. Load white onto my sponge. You don't have to do this part but it's just an added little texture.

Then I'm going to take this Diva soccer stencil. Loading my sponge with Kraze Black and positioning that stencil right over that circle and pounce that on. Once we've got the black on there, I'm gonna spray some of the Mama Clown Black Shimmer Glitter. Take that off, and you've got a beautiful, shimmery ball.

And then let's do our line work and we're about done! I'm using a #3 round brush. We're gonna go with a tribally design again. You come up from the soccer ball. You wanna follow the contour of the soccer ball, and that's kind of how you know how to place it. Come around it from the edge and then go up so it looks like it's in action.

You can leave it there but I'll put in just a few more dots. This whole design is circling toward a center focal point and it's got a lot of motion to it.

Another thing that makes this look really nice is to take a dry brush and pull up some of this black to create a shadow on the bottom. Gonna do that on the soccer ball just to create some dimension and depth, to give it that shadow. There you go! That's it!



Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Kraze FX Sundown
Fusion Leanne's Fairy Collection Petal Palette
Fusion Leanne's Summer Days
Kryvaline Black High Density Sponge
GraffitiEyes Stencil Kit - Ultimate GraffitiEyes
Kraze FX White
Kraze FX Black
BAM Scattered Stars Stencil BAM1039
Superstar Dark Green
VIVID Glitter Sea of Glass
VIVID Glitz Glitter Glue
Fusion Tigress
Silly Farm Tango
Fusion Bam
Kraze FX Tardis
BAM Tiny Hexagons BAM1218
Cameleon Matteo #1 Short Blending Brush
Festival Glitter Peacock
TAG Red/White/Blue
Diva Stencil Soccer Ball
Mama Clown Black Shimmer Glitter
Aliyah Round #3 Brush
Silly Farm Pink Power Basketball Stencil



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