Webinar: Star Wars Designs with Linnéa Önnerby Novak

In this webinar, learn Star Wars Designs with Linnéa Önnerby Novak!


Design #1

I've got Cameleon Swan and The Face Painting Shop5/8" Angular brush. I'm going to pick up the darkest color on the tip of the brush. We're going to start by painting a circle, thenthe back part of the ship, thenthe front.

Now I'm going to pick up black from Diamond FX and a #3 Round brush andwe're going to outline starting with the circle. We're going to paint one more inner circle, and a little circle. Now you can just free base a little bit.

Now we're going to use a white and a #3. We're just going to make some highlights on the ship.

We're going to make one stroke so it looks like it's going really, really fast so I'm using a 3/4" brush and Taupo from Global. It's optional but you can use a little bit of glitter on top.

It's time to pick up the white brush again with the waxy white and we're going to outline the Millennium Falcon, and we're going to paint some beams so it looks like it's going really, really fast. For the beams,I'm just laying my brush, and doing little flicks.

So you can leave it like this but I think it really makes it pop a bit more if you add some stencils. So I have this from Graffiti Madness by Wiser and it's got some nice dots and some nice stars so we're going to use those, and I'm going to use both white and black.

There's no Star Wars without TIE fighters so we need to have some TIE fighters chasing the Millennium Falcon. We're going to make some in different sizes, and add some white on top just for some highlights.So this was design number one!



Design #2

So we're going to start with some single colors for the background. I've got a petal-shaped sponge, and I've got Superstar Bronze Shimmer. We're going to paint some ground. I'm going to just pick up some dark brown as well so we've got a little bit of different browns there.

Now we're going to pick up Ziva Blue Shimmer to do the sky. Then I'm picking up a little bit of Superstar Lavender Shimmer and just put it a little bit here and there so it looks like a galaxy sky.

I'm picking up the waxy white again and I have a Filbert brush and we're going to paint one big circle, then we're doing the head piece. And we want a tiny, tiny antenna there as well.

Take a small Round brush like a #2 or #3 and load it with a bit of orange and just make some lines and some half circles, some details on BB-8. If you have time for it, you can add some silver or gray there as well.

We're going to take our black and load that with a Round brush as well and we're going to start outlining. Then we can add some tiny shadows. We can make some details here on the ground.

And of course we have to have some TIE fighters here as well. And you can also add some stars or some glitter on top. We're going to add some falling stars and some highlights on the TIE fighters, and some dots here and there. And that was design #2!



Design #3

We're going to use the same one stroke for the helmet as the Millennium Falcon which was the Cameleon Swan.

Then I'm going to pick up my 3/4" brush and Midnight from Silly Farm. We're going to start just on top of the helmet and we're going up towards the eyebrows.

We're going to pick up our black paint again with a round brush and we're going to do some details on the beskar helmet. We're going to start with outlining the helmet. Then, of course we have to put "This is the way".

We're going to add some white, some waxy white, with a round brush and we will outline the helmet.

And what would this be without any TIE fighters, right? Also add some stars with white. We'll also do some highlights.

And of course you can put some glitter on top. So, this is the way! The little Mando design we've got for you.



Design #4

I've got this green neon one stroke called Leanne's Tink. It's from the Fusion Leanne's Butterfly Spectrum Palette, and I'm using a 5/8" brush. So we're going to start with the head by painting an oval. Then we're going to make some ears.

I've got a 1/2" brush and I'm taking Sahara by Global, and we're painting his clothes. You can either use a finger sponge or an ordinary sponge and blend it afterwards.

And now we're picking up the green one stroke again and we're going to paint 3 fingers.

We're going to pick up some pink and we'll put some of that in the ears.

Now I'm going to take some black and we're going to outline the design. Add some nails. Paint 2 big, big, big eyes and give it some tiny, tiny hair.

And just to make it a little bit more fun, we can take a blue one stroke. This one is Whaam from Fusion from Onalee's Hero Power Palette and paint some strokes on either side. Put a little bit of glitter on top, and stardust.

Then I've got Golden Green Shimmer from Superstar and it's perfect for eyelids because it's not too dark. It's a very, very light green with golden shimmer.

Just like the other designs, if you've got time for it and outline it with white, it makes it pop a bit more. Put some highlights. And of course, we can add some stars here as well. And that's it!



Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Cameleon Swan
The Face Painting Shop 5/8" Short Angled Brush
Diamond FX Black
Global Taupo (Miss Mermaid)
Tattoo Pro Wiser's Graffiti Madness Stencil Kit
Superstar Bronze Shimmer
FAB Ziva Blue Shimmer
Superstar Lavender Shimmer
Silly Farm Midnight Arty Brush Cake
Fusion Body Art Leanne's Tink
Fusion Body Art Leanne's Butterfly Palette
Global Body Art Sahara
Fusion Body Art Whaam
Fusion Body Art Hero Power Palette
Superstar Golden Green Shimmer



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