Webinar: Flower Masks with Giovanna Guzman

In this webinar, learn Flower Masks with Giovanna Guzman!



Design #1

So I'm gonna be using Fusion's Mermaid Splash and a sponge. I'm gonna sponge the top lids of the eyes, always making sure the light color of the cake is inside. Do the same thing to the middle and on the bottom to give the mask shape. While it's wet, let's put some glitter. I usually use a glitter spray. I'm gonna wipe the corners of her eyes a little bit that way, I can put my roses there. 

So I just added 3 petals for my roses and I'm doing the little u-shape for the bottom of the other little rose. While that's drying, I'm gonna be doing my leaves. So I'm just gonna grab this Leanne Courtney1/2" Angle Brush. I'm gonna close the rosebuds.

On roses, I don't usually add glitter because it covers the dimension. The reason why I use the light color to the dark color is to give it depth and light so if I put glitter, usually it takes that away.

Using a Flora brush andKraze White, I double-dipped and I'm just doing little petals just kind of closing in. Then I'm using the Blazin Brushes Liner #3 from Marcela Bustamante and adding line work.

So I put glitter on the lips. Usually I do that while the paint is wet, that way the glitter sticks to it. If you were taking your time with this design, you can always give it a little bit of depth by using paint or a little bit of powder in between the petals so it can look a little bit more realistic. That's usually when you're taking a picture. So that's design number one!



Design #2

So this one is gonna go over the eyebrows and under the eyes with a split cake, like a pair of glasses. Then I do the "crown" on the forehead. This one is gonna have a little bling that you can use for Easter. 

I'm gonna put little double dip flowers in each corner with this Art Factory Perfect Petal Brush.

Now we'll do some line work. For these flowers, I used white, then yellow, and a little bit of orange just to give it dimension. So it has 3 colors in there. 

Just put some dots and little teardrops to fill in all the empty spaces. Big ones, medium ones, and tiny ones. Then paint the lips, spray some glitter on again. So that's design number two!



Design #3

The shape of this mask is gonna be more like a masquerade mask. While my brush is wet, I can do some lines in the mask just with the tip of the brush. If you can do it with a thin liner, use your thin liner.

Then I'm gonna do my flowers on the corners of the mask. Give it some friends so it won't be alone. One is facing down, one is facing up.

With the same 5/8" brush that I used, I'm gonna use it the other way just to create some flowers using the white part of my cake. For the same reason, just to give it that depth, some highlights.

I'm gonna add some little dots in between those lines in the mask that will look like glitter or little pearls. If you have liquid bling, you can use that.

I'm gonna make some blue leaves just to keep going with the blue theme. Put some dots in the middle of the flower, some teardrops, maybe add some pearls dripping down the mask.

She has her lips done, too. And of course, while the paint is wet, you would always start adding your glitter. That's it!



Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Fusion Mermaid Splash
Leanne Courtney 1/2" Angle Brush
Leanne Courtney 3/8" Angle Brush
Kraze FX White
Blazin Brush Script Liner #3 Brush
Sweet Practice Boards
Art Factory Perfect Petal Brush
Global Standard Yellow
TAG Yellow
Cameleon Banana Yellow
Kraze FX Yellow



If you missed the live webinar, you can watch it now in the video above or later on our YouTube channel. Thank you, Giovanna, for sharing your talents with us! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the webinar. Click here to know our upcoming webinars.