Webinar: On the Job Glitter with Jacqueline Howe

In this webinar, Jacqueline Howe shows us different ways we can apply glitter on our designs. She also talks about the different kinds of glitters that VIVID Glitter offers and their pros and cons, and how to remove glitter. Watch the full webinar above for more information!


Design #1: UV Glow Butterfly 

So this is a butterfly design that I did. For the bottom wing, I used Diamond FX Happy Birthday Cake, on the top I had actually grabbed just the pink rainbow section. I also used Susy's Easy Strokes in Bat Hero to create those wings. It's sort of the basic design and now we're ready to add glitter. As a matter of fact, I've added glitter already because usually, after I put in the base of the background colors it's moist and that's when I immediately break out my fine glitter and I've already put that Kissed Pink (Pink Kiss) on the eyes.

Do you remember the old days when you actually had to paint little dots on all the wings with all these different colors and rinse your brush and reload a different color and paint more dots to create that look of butterfly dots? Well, you don't have to do that any longer. Now, all you gotta do is grab a nice chunky mix. This is called Candy Cosmos and it's part of our UV Galactic Glow Stack and it's one of my favorite glitters. It glows in UV really nicely. So I'm going to go ahead and add Glitz Glue to wherever I want to see those dots at the ends of the butterfly wings. Next, I'm actually going to add some to the middle part right.

One nice tip with the glue is once you tapped it on the wings and any paint, you might get a little bit of residue there. Rinse it in your clean water and then you just dry it off on your paper towel and you put it back in. The reason I do that is so that the glue inside doesn't get all cloudy and it stays nice and clean.

So now I'm ready to apply the glitter. I like to use a silicone applicator and I'm going to go ahead and dip it into my water just to moisten it. I like it because it's a nice flexible little tip. That helps prevent the fallout when you dip it in the water 'cause they all stay stuck to that. Now you're going to apply. Automatically you have multicolored little spots just like a butterfly has. And this is basically what I usually do.

For the middle, I'm going to go ahead and add Gum Nebula and let's do the same thing. I just shovel it in. I'm gonna do a nice cluster in the middle. I'm just tapping it down nicely.

I'm gonna add a little bit of linework. Taking a Script Liner #1 Blazin Brush and I'm gonna load it with Fusion Black. I'm just gonna add a few little antennas going down, just adding a few extra little touches.

I'm just gonna add a little bit of Baby Blue glitter to her lips. It’s super beautiful. It’s one of my favorite blue colors. I usually use one of these smoothing blenders to apply to the lips.

The cool thing about this design is that it glows really bright under UV light. So that's my butterfly UV glow design.


Design #2: Glitter Vortex 

There's a lot of technique with using glitter with stencils and this is another cool design that a lot of people like to do in festivals because it's mostly just glitter and stencil work and maybe a little bit of color so it's like the next step up from the plain design with just the glitter. This design starts off with using Fusion Fairy palette. I'm gonna go ahead and spritz some water on my sponge. I believe I used a rainbow from this palette here. So let's go ahead and make that design, bring that orange in there a little bit.

This is a stencil called Vortex that I actually created and I love it because it goes from big to small like that in a pattern 'cause it gives it so much dimension in the work. I'm going to load a sponge with a dark blue. You gotta be super careful when you are using stencils that you don't get the sponge too wet or that it's not too dry either because then you're not gonna get the effect you want. Before I start sponging this on, I'm going to open up a glitter color. I’m gonna use Colombia Blue. I'm gonna keep it open and ready to go because as I stencil it on, the next step will be to put the glitter on. So I just loaded my sponge with this dark blue. I'm just gonna start tapping it down. I'm gonna grab another sponge and pick up some glitter because I'm gonna do this again. I'm just gonna dip it right into the glitter and put it on. Since I'm doing it again underneath, I didn't wanna use the same sponge. That looks cool, huh? We're gonna do the same thing down here.

The next step is to apply more glitter, of course. I'm gonna just use the loose glitter, mainly. Aloha is a nice mix that we can use, it’s got some of that teal. I'm just gonna go ahead and [sprinkle] it on with my fingers. I like to put chunky glitter mainly on the upper part of the cheekbone. I like to highlight that with chunky glitter and since this design is mainly glitter, you're gonna bring it all the way up to the hairline coming down. I like to do designs that basically come from the corner of the hairline and then they come down. This design is all about the glitter so we're gonna just go a little crazy with it. I'm strategically putting glitter right where I want it. I'm still kinda creating these angles coming down.

The last thing I'm gonna do is just a few lines. Little bit of linework doesn't hurt nobody. I'm just gonna grab some of that same blue. So here's just a few additional little fun teardrops coming up. This is a Script Liner #1 from Blazin Brush, same one I used earlier. I would also take this color and do the eyeliner and that's it for that design.


Design #3: Glitter Rainbow Unicorn

I have a unicorn design that I made earlier and I just wanna show you where I would put glitter on this design. I've already put glitter on the eyes, this is called Zirconia. This color is a really sparkly, white, silvery fine glitter. And, like I said, as soon as it's moist I always put that on over the eyes. I think it's missing some white swirls so, let's go ahead and add that. I'm using a Round #3 (from Blazin Brushes). I always do this really big, long swirl around the eye and then we're gonna just bring a few more teardrops down.

I would put glitter on this design all along this rainbow and then I would create that glitter tear effect, so let's go ahead and do that. I'm going to use the Blazin Unicorn glitter and use some Glitz glue. Actually, why don't I just do the Gleam for you guys, let's see how it works on this practice board. And then let's go ahead and put some underneath. This rainbow is one of the rainbows from the Kraze FX palette that I've been playing with and enjoying.

I'm gonna put some on the upper cheekbones coming down. Sometimes I bring it all the way around if the design is close to here, I'll just go ahead and connect it. So there's where I would put the glitter for that design and of course we gotta give her glitter lips, how dare I forget that. And that's how I would finish off the unicorn design.


Design #4: Glitter Roses 

I'm gonna use the Diamond FX Happy Birthday Cake again. We're gonna grab some colors from here. Wet my sponge. And for this one, I'm gonna pick up these three colors (yellow, pink, blue). I'm just gonna go ahead and blend this out a little bit on the eyes. Now on the other side. I like to do designs that are asymmetrical. Alright, so let's leave it at that. This is gonna be the base of the design.

This is gonna be a floral design. I'm going to use one of my favorite one strokes to do flowers with, it’s called Evil Rose by Diamond FX. I'm going to use my ¾” Long Angle Brush by Blazin Brush. I also have this white face paint close by. I'm gonna spray that 'cause it's really dry because when I go back to refresh my flower, I need to dip the corner (of the brush) in that. I like to make my flowers kind of abstract, so I'm gonna kinda start by coming down. It's going to have that similar style where it's all coming down from the edge of the hairline. And that's gonna be the back where I'm gonna layer on top of that. So, now I'm gonna make sure my inner corner is perfectly white. I'm gonna go ahead and make another couple of petals here. And I'm gonna go to the other side now. Now we're gonna layer that and I've given ample time for that to dry while I've been creating all those. I'm gonna add one more layer here and then close my little bud there.

I’m gonna grab my 5/8” Long Angle Brush by Blazin Brush and I'm just gonna go ahead and get my green from the Kraze palette to make my leaves. Let's go ahead and just go zigzag in. Sometimes I just do one little flick and sometimes I do both sides of the leaf.

I'm just gonna add a few teardrops coming out like that, just adding some motion and beauty. Usually, I would've added glitter right to the base so I'm just gonna go ahead and backtrack a little bit and add that just to the base of the eyelids. Now we're ready to apply glitter.

I love using this really pretty glitter for flower designs because it gives it that effect of baby's-breath without having to do dots. I like to put the chunky glitter strategically where I have put a focal point with my teardrops, for instance. And again right on the corners here.

I'm just gonna grab a little flat brush for her lips and of course you need glitter lips. I also like to add a few little highlights. Nothing too crazy, just to add a couple extra little teardrops just to make it even more special and that's basically it.


Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

VIVID Glitter Sea of Glass Chunky Glitter Mix
VIVID Glitter Festivity Chunky Glitter Mix
VIVID Glitter Pink Kiss
VIVID Glitter Candy Cosmos UV Chunky Glitter Mix
VIVID Glitter UV Galactic Glow Chunky Mix Stack
VIVID Glitter Glitz Glue
VIVID Glitter Gum Nebula UV Chunky Glitter Mix
Blazin Brush by Marcela Bustamante Script Liner #1
Fusion Body Art Face Paint Prime Strong Black
VIVID Glitter Baby Blue 
Sparkling Faces Practice Board
Diamond FX Happy Birthday Split Cake
Silly Farm Arty Brush Cake Bat Hero Blue
Vortex Stencil
VIVID Glitter Colombia Blue
VIVID Glitter Aloha Chunky Glitter Mix
Fusion Leanne's Fairy Collection Petal Palette
Blazin Brush by Marcela Bustamante Ultra Point #4
Ben Nye Glitter Glue
VIVID Glitter Wild Bloom Chunky Glitter Mix
VIVID Glitter Zirconia Glitter
Blazin Brush by Marcela Bustamante Round #3
VIVID Glitter Blazin Unicorn Chunky Glitter Mix
Kraze FX Splash 12 One Stroke Split Cake Palette
VIVID Glitter Purity Chunky Mix Stack
Diamond FX Stroke Cake Evil Rose 
Blazin Brush by Marcela Bustamante Long Angle 3/4"
Blazin Brush by Marcela Bustamante Long Angle 5/8"


If you missed the live webinar, you can watch it now in the video above or later at our YouTube channel. Thank you, Jacqueline, for sharing your talents with us! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the webinar. Click here to know our upcoming webinars.