Webinar: Drawing Eyes with Simona Rad

In this webinar, Simona Rad shows us how she does eyes for different characters. The webinar covers a lot of tips and tricks about all things eyes, but here's a few of the highlights!


#1: Basic Eye

The first one, the most basic one, is do a line like [a little hill] and then you can do a swoop in the end. Then you just come [in] a third from the distance and do a fat comma. Then just a line [in the bottom] here. You can make it a bit bigger and you don't have to add color, you don't have to add anything. If your character is white then this will do. It's quick and you don't have to struggle with it. If you have some more time, you can always load one brush with a color, let's just say blue, and you can add it here [next to the fat comma] for an extra interest.


#2: Unicorn Eye

I'm doing an almond shape with Kraze FX White. I’m loading my #3 Loew-Cornell Round Brush with light green from TAG. I'm drawing [the iris with that]. And then I'm just adding on my brush's tip some dark green. I'm adding some of it on the edges, some in [the iris], and try to go with lines that goes towards this very end of the eye. Using my #3 brush from The Face Painting Shop (you could use #2 Round Brush Loew-Cornell) with black, I’m lining the top part and when I get to the middle, I'm trying to put a bit more pressure on it and I will start to release the brush when I'm around the other end of the eye. For the bottom, I will always try to put as little pressure as possible. I always want the bottom line to be thinner than the top one. In the perfect case, these two lines won’t be connecting in both corners.

And then you can add some eyelashes on the top and bottom. What you can do on the top is also draw in the actual eyelid. You start from the corner from the same point and then just go over it. Next, I create the pupil and I will try to do an outline [around the iris]. The bigger the pupil is, the cuter the eye, if that makes sense. I'm taking white and I'm doing a line first and then three dots. And this can be a unicorn eye.


#3: Dinosaur Eye

I'm using dark green to outline it a bit. The actual eye is just gonna be a small dot and then what's really important is creating the black circles under the eye. The iris is gonna be yellow. And then I take the black and add more shadows. I'm trying to make it even darker. When the yellow is dry, put a black dot in it.


#4: Snake Eye

I'm gonna use yellow again but I'm gonna mix some white into this yellow. I'm gonna making it round [and have the inner corner pointed]. So [these two curvy black lines] are basically the eyebrows. For the pupil, it's elongated like that. Now, I’m gonna load up my brush with white and I'm just gonna add one dot here [within the elongated black pupil]. If you want it to look more 3D, then add some [white] to the eye as well so it comes more towards the viewer.


#5: L.O.L. Doll Eyes

I'm just doing two big balls here with black. And then I'm gonna take blue and I'm gonna draw a line [beneath the black] but I'm not gonna do it on the top at all. And then I'm gonna load [my brush] with white and then do the same on the bottom of [the blue]. Now that I have the white, I'm gonna do the highlights as well. So L.O.L. dolls have lots of small, tiny white bits here on the black. Then I'm taking the black again and do the eyelashes. Let's do two. So you now have L.O.L. doll eyes.


Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

TAG Light Green
Diamond FX Black 
Kraze FX White
Superstar Snow Petrol Shimmer 
#3 Loew-Cornell Round Brush Gold Grip
#3 Brush from The Face Painting Shop
#2 Loew-Cornell Round Brush Gold Grip


If you missed the live webinar, you can watch it now in the video above or later at our YouTube channel. Thank you, Simona, for sharing your talents with us! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the webinar. Click here to know our upcoming webinars.