Neck Wound Makeup Video Tutorial by Stephany Lynn

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Stephany Lynn shows you how to use Special FX makeup to create a realistic looking flesh wound on your neck. This realistic looking gash is great for Halloween!


Stephany Lynn is a New York-based makeup artist and face painter.

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  • Hi Alison, thanks for asking! Most of the makeup will wash off with soap and water. If any of the colors stain the skin, baby oil or makeup remover should take it right off.

    There are adhesive removers that can take off the latex, but it is most often just peeled off. That does mean, however, that some hairs may get pulled, so shaving the area first isn’t a terrible idea if that’s a concern. on
  • how to remove this type of make up from face safely ? do you peel any facial hair ?

    alison on

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