Valentines Quick Design

This Design is great when you have a lot of customers on your plate or you don’t have a lot of time to get ready! It’s simple and easy and when you you are super rushed all you have to do is not put in the cloud and it’s even faster!

Items Used:

1 inch and 3/8ths flat brush


#2 & #4 round brush

BAM stencil

DFX Split Cake

DFX Red and White




1: Take your 1 inch brush and load it with your DFX split cake. ( some people might be different) Take your brush and start from the middle of the lid, just in case you don’t have to much water you can wipe it away before it reaches their eyes! After you’ve found that will not be the case go ahead and cover the eyelid and follow up a little past your eyebrow line.

2: Take your sponge and DFX white and make circular motions on top of your eyebrow.

3: This will be the end result.

4: Take your BAM stencil and place it in the corner of your eye to the top part of your rainbow. Take another sponge and dab it into the DFX red and dab it into the stencil.

5: This will be the end result, be careful though as if you put to much water on your sponge it might cause it to drip.

6: Your finished! When you have mastered this design it should only take you 30 seconds or less! make sure to like us on Facebook and Pin us on Pinterest!

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