How to Make a Valentine’s Butterfly

This tutorial is great for a little girl who loves butterflies, it also is an everyday design as well for the little kids and grownups who loves butterflies. It doesn’t take much and it’s very quick and easy design.

Items Used:

DFX Pink and White

HAS stencil

Sponges and a #4 Round brush




1: take your Sponge and load it with Dfx pink and make an cat ear shaped area leading a little above your eye brow.

2: Now pinch your sponge like so, and right below the eye create that shape by dabbing it onto your skin.

3: Here is the outcome of step 2

4: Take your Stencil and place it in the pink, and with another sponge load your dfx white and dab it until you are satisfied you have dabbed it enough for the color to show through.

5: Here is the outcome of step 4, Be careful to not wet the sponge or your paint to watery as it my effect the stencil design, rather it being watery test it out on your arm to make sure it wont seep through the stencil and leak.

6: Take your #4 brush and load it with dfx white, start to create a tear drop shape and carry lightly up for a nice finish. You can always add your own unique touch to the wings I just chose this design because it’s easier for me to do fast.

7: Your almost finished just need to finished the bottom with a twirl, a couple of star burst and dots and you have your own butterfly! Congrats and I hope to see you looking at my tutorials again soon!

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