How to Make Shadow Heart Eye Designs

This design is great for anyone who wants to show off their valentines day cheer at their facepaint parties or singleton parties to attract a certain someone! I had a lot of fun doing this and I hope you will too. It might look hard but I assure you it is not. Once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy!

Items Used:

Black Eyeliner

Makeup Brushes

#2, #4 Paint brush

Red/Black Eyeshadow

Starblend White and Black

DFX Red, Black and White




1: With your Black Eye liner outline your eye.

2: Next take a filbert makeup brush and cover your eyelid in red eyeshadow with a tint or dab of black eyeshadow. Continue onto step 3..

3: finish with a dull point next to the end of your Eyebrow

4: With your #4 paint brush load it with your Red DFX start to make your hearts, they can be any way you’d like them to be, I thought adding a cluster of them would look really cool, but it’s totally up to your and your imagination!

5: Take a #4 paint brush(dry) not wet and dab it into the starblend black. Now to create a shadow you mush stick to a corner I chose the top right(the pictures right) corner. So shade in the starblend in all of the top right corners of the hearts you’ve made(or the area you decided to shade in).

6: Now take the white starblend and a different #4 brush and repeat it on the opposite side of the black to make a highlight look.

7: Take your #2 brush and begin to highlight and shadow with the DFX White and Black make sure not to over power the starblend or else it wont look too realistic!

8: Add your False Eyelashes(totally optional)

9: You are finished, Congrats! If you like this tutorial feel free to like us on Facebook and pin us on Pinterest!