Tropical Girl Face Paint by Linnéa

Tropical Girl

When it is cold, dark and windy outside I like to dream of warmer tropical weather. The tropical sunset colours just makes me so happy. This design will make every girl dreaming of a vacation, and will bright up the day. If you want to do it quicker you can just do the flowers on one eye and use the rainbow cake just on the background around the eye and cheek. 

Step 1: Sunset.

Use a half moon sponge and a sunset rainbowcake to create the sunset background. The darkest colour on the outside and the lightest between the eyes. Poof some iridescent glitter on top. Use a finger sponge and a glycerine based white to create the moon.

 Step 2: Tropical flowers and eyelids.

Use a petal shaped sponge to apply the blue shimmering paint on the eyelids.  Use a 3/4" Angled brush and a tropical one stroke colour, like "Neon Nirvana", and do some flower petals with pointy tips. I had the darkest colour on the shortest part of the brush and the lightest on the longest part of the brush. Have a eternity sign around the eyes in mind when you do the direction of the flowers.

Step 3: Leafs and flower detail.

Take a bright yellow and a #4 round brush to make the center detail on the flowers, thick to thin. Make some dots on the base and on the top with the same colour. Use a 1/2" Angled brush and a green one stroke to create the leafs, the darkest colour on the outside. 

Part 4: Details, outline and highlights.

Make a doubledip flower between the flower and the leaf on each side. Use a pink colour on the tip. Outline the flower and the leaf with waxy black and a #2 round brush. Make some dots on top of the yellow ones in the center of the tropical flowers. Make some small lines in the base of every flower petal, and make some birds flying in the sky close to the moon. Use a waxy white to make highlights and dots. Don´t forget to make some dots on your double dip flowers and in the center of the tropical flowers. Paint the lips with the pink colour from neon nirvana and put some chunky glitter on.


Hope you like it and will be dreaming of Hawaii! Happy painting!

Products used:

Sillyfarm Rainbow cake "Juicy Fruit"

FAB/Superstar "Mystic Blue Shimmer" (Sapphire)

Global "Neon Nirvana"

Sillyfarm Arty Cake "Bright Leaf"

FAB/Superstar "White"

Diamond FX "White"

Diamond FX "Black"

Iridescent glitter

Mama Clown Large Cut glitter for the lips 

Tools used: 

Half moon sponge from Wicked

Petal shaped sponge from Wicked

3/4" Angle Brush

1/2" Angle Brush

Loew Cornell 795 Round #2, #4.

Finger sponge


Linnéa lives in the south part of Sweden with her husband and two children.
She started to facepaint in 2016, and she is now a certified facepainter from Olga Murasev´s International Face Painting School.
You might have seen her in different facepainting forums or in magazines such as QMagazine and Wet Paint Magazine.
Linnéa really love everything about this industry, and she likes to challenge herself and keep on growing as an artist.

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