Silly Farm Split Cakes - Juicy Fruit - (2 oz)

Silly Farm Split Cakes - Juicy Fruit - (2 oz)

Silly Farm

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Split Cakes have changed the way we paint. Rainbow cakes are multicolored containers of paint that allow you to lay down several colors at once. Split cakes are excellent for base work for any design.

Rainbow cakes are best used with a half sponge or a body brush. Rainbow split cakes are also ideal for working with Face Paint Stencils.

The Silly Farm Rainbow Split Cake - Juicy Fruit comes in 2 ounces size.

Colors included: Purple, Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Yellow, White

Please Note: The US FDA recommends against using red, blue, green, purple face paints, as well as Neon colors around the eye and lip area or leaving on skin for an extended time to avoid staining issues. Avoid contact with carpets, upholstery and fabric.

How Many Applications Will This Give?
Each 2 ounces Silly Farm Juicy Fruit Rainbow Cake is good for 75-200 applications.

More Information on Silly Farm Rainbow Cake:

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