Brush and Sponge Video Tutorial by Kellie


    Kellie Burrus demonstrates face painting brushes and sponges. She shows some of the different types available, and how to get different effects using different tools.

    There are a few different sponges that you can use. I have this petal sponge, which is one of my favorites for butterflies. Then there's the half circle sponge, and then there are these blending/base sponges from Creative Kingdom.

    As far as brushes go, there are rounds, and rounds come in all kinds of sizes. So we have the smallest one here, which is a #1, and the largest one, which is a #8.

    Then we have angled brushes. These are great for using on one-strokes.

    Petal brushes are great for doing double dip flowers, with the color on the inside and the white on the outside.

    First we'll talk about the sponge and I'll do a design with that. I'm going to first spray my petal sponge with water, and then load it up with a split cake. I'll just press the sponge down, and do a half of a butterfly. Then I will take a medium angled brush and with that, I will add the veins that you would see on a butterfly. Then I'm going to use a #6 round brush to create dots. Now I will take a #1 round brush and do a little more detailing.

    We'll also do some flowers, which you'll use your petal brush for. When you put it down and you press, it'll give you little petals. Then going back to the #6 round brush, I'll add some dots and teardrops around the flowers for more detail. Take your tiny brush again and add even more detail to your flowers.

    You can also use your angled brushes for any one-strokes you have. For this I'm going to load my angled brush with some green, white and yellow to make some little petals around the flowers.

    Products Featured in this Video:

    Always Wicked Petal Sponge
    Angle Brush 3/8 Inch
    Gold Grip Brush Round #6
    Gold Grip Brush Round #1 Fine Point
    Paint Pal Big Drop Filbert Brush
    Paint Pal Little Drop Filbert Brush
    Leanne's Tropical Palette

    Other products shown:
    Facepaint Sponges
    Always Wicked Half Round Sponge
    Teardrop/Droplet Sponge
    Round Brushes
    Angled Brushes
    Petal/Filbert Brushes


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