Always Wicked Art Mini Half Round Sponge (2" x 1") - 12-pack

Always Wicked Art Mini Half Round Sponge (2" x 1") - 12-pack

Always Wicked Art

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Always Wicked Art Half Round Mini Sponges are high density sponges that can be used to pick up 1 stroke split cake colors and easily create colorful designs. Specific size of the sponge allows perfect creation of several designs on small surfaces like foreheads. These mini sponges have been designed for ease of use with children in mind, but work equally well for adults also. Comes as 12/pack.

Always Wicked Sponges are durable, high density sponges that guarantee smooth finish and are preferred by top makeup artists in the industry. Measures 2" x 1" at the widest point.

Application & Cleaning:
To apply:
Slightly moisten the sponge by spraying little water. Swipe across the split cake (or single color cakes) to pick up the colors and gently press on the skin.

To clean:
Place in a lingerie bag and rinse repeatedly till all the color is gone and water is clear. Soak the sponges in warm water, in a Napisan for at least 4 hours. Then wash in washing machine, with detergent and few drops of Tea Tree oil. Hang dry in Sun.

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