Tribal Bumble Bee Attack By Melissa Perez

Spring makes me think of sunshine, flowers and all of the insects that come along with it. The most important being Bees! Now they love to go from flower to flower and can easily be added into a beautiful soft face paint design. I however wanted to put a new spin on a tribal mask that everyone will love Bee-cause it's awesome. What's cooler than dueling bees?


Kryolan Bright Yellow

Kryolan White

Fab Sapphire Blue Shimmer

Dfx Black

Dfx White

Tag Red

Mehron Hydra Sponge

Loew-Cornell Brush set 

BAMS Dot Stencil


Step 1:  Load your #3 round brush with yellow and create two bee type shapes. Use a large teardrop and smaller slightly elongated circle for the center. The head should be tilted down. Make sure the stingers face each other so we can create the battle effect.


Step 2:  Load a #3 round brush with white to create the wings. A larger widened teardrop should be in the forefront with a smaller slightly staggered wing in the back.


Step 3:  Lightly dampen your sponge with your red cake, blot excess just in case. Holding the stencil firmly against the skin creating a C shape.

Tip:  Powders are a great option too. No dry time and no super wet stencil!


Step 4:  Load a #3 with your black and make thin to thick black lines that follow the flow of the stencil. Double up the lines so they can be connected to create that tribal feel. 


Step 5:  Drop your brush down to a #2 round and outline your bees. Add some more smaller tribal lines and connect them to the larger ones. Bee creative and find your flow.


Step 6: Using the same #2 round detail your bee. Don't forget the antennas, legs and the stinger. These details help to give it a more realistic feel. Black out the tip of the head in a triangle shape to create the mouth.


Step 7: It's time for highlights. Load a #1 with white and highlight your bees to make them pop. A little teardrop starburst between the two stingers will help to drive home the attack factor of this design. Add some metallic blue with a #2 round to add dimension and fun to your tribal lines. Yellow dots and the red eye highlights are optional but help to reinforce the colors.

Tip: Change up the stencil, colors and positioning to make this design your own. Short on time? Skip the stencil and the extra highlights or just do a half face design. Have fun with it!


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