Queen Bee Design by Pam Kinneberg

Give your customers the Royal Treatment with this cute Queen Bee design! This is a fun and unique design for your spring and summer events. It’s a great way to use the honeycomb stencil which is perfect for this design or any design with bees.



Wolfe Yellow

Wolfe Black

FAB Gold Shimmer

Mehron Gold Metallic Powder

Wolfe White

Mama Clown Black Rainbow Glitter

Ben Nye Dry Powder Rouge Coral Red

Ben Nye Lumiere Golden Apricot

Paradise Wide Chisel Brush

Kabuki Brush

Loew-Cornell Flora #6 Brush

Paradise #813 Round Brush

Foam Applicator

BAM 4003 Honeycomb Stencil


Step one: the base 

Start by painting a yellow body in the shape of a heart. Bring the yellow down to a point at the end of the nose. I used a large filbert brush. Do not extend it past the outside corner of the eye.

Step two: how about some honeycomb!

Use the BAM #4003 Stencil with yellow to add a honeycomb element to the design. Place it next to the yellow base so it connects to it and does not leave a gap between the two elements. Keep the honeycomb pattern on the top of the cheeks.

Step three: powders to the rescue!

To break up the all that yellow, I added orange powder to the eyelids with a makeup brush. Any eye shadow makeup brush will work. I also wanted to warm up the honeycomb pattern to give it more of a honey color so I used a red powder and applied it with a Kabuki Brush right over the stenciled area. Use a light touch here, do not use too much powder. Test it on your hand first.

Step four: head’s up!

Paint the bee’s head in black, bringing the ends down to the outer corners of the eyes. Be mindful of the space you are working with and adjust the width and position of this accordingly as you still will need to paint the crown on the top. We all know how forehead space varies from child to child! 

Step five: glitterize it!

I love the Black Mama Clown Glitter! It makes this black area look amazing! An easy way to apply it is with a foam applicator. Just spray it with water, dip it into the glitter and tap onto your design...Voila!

Step six: give your queen some wings!

Give your queen bee some cute little wings! I used a Loew-Cornell #6 Flora brush and double dipped it with white first and then medium blue on the tip. The point should be at the outer corner of the eye. Make a larger “petal” for the top wing and a smaller “petal” for the bottom wing. Don’t forget to put some iridescent glitter on the wings.

Step seven: add the all important stripes!

Finish off the body by painting the bee’s distinctive stripes. Start with the top stripe. I find it is easier to curve the stripe as you paint below the eye, and then curve it back up over the nose, kind of like you are painting the bottom of a mask, rather than trying to paint a straight line across the nose. Then continue downward with your stripes trying to space them evenly. When you get to the end of the nose, paint a long narrow “V” down below the nose for the “Stinger”.

Step eight: every queen needs a crown!

Paint the Queen Bee’s crown in gold. To get a brilliant gold, I use Mehron’s Metallic Gold Powder mixed in with gold paint. Carefully tap a small amount of metallic powder right into your gold cake. (or with a wet brush, dip it into the powder and then place it onto your paint.) Then dip your brush in water and  gently start to mix the paint, powder and water together to form a creamy consistency. You will have to dip your brush in the water several times to get the right amount of water in the mixture. The photo below gives you an idea of what it looks like.

Step nine: outline time.

Outline your design in black using a fine tipped brush. I start with the crown and work my way down. Note that I added some blue lines in the wings to give them a bit more detail.

Step ten: A honey of a gem

Place a honey colored gem at the center of the crown. This crown could have many variations using gem clusters, etc. Have fun with it! It is a good idea to put glue on the back of the gem when you first start the design so that is it ready to place when you get to this point. I used Mehron AdGem Adhesive.

Step eleven: give her the royal treatment!

The finishing touches! 

1. Highlights: Add white highlights to the top of the crown and the bridge of the nose.

2. Yellow dots: Add some additional interest the the black head, by adding a series of yellow dots to either side.

3. Lashes: Every queen needs beautiful lashes! Use a fine tipped brush to get nice pointy lashes.

4. Add some black shimmery glitter to the tip of the nose. It makes it much cuter!

5. Add a few star bursts around your design in white to make that crown sparkle!

This cute little Queen Bee will be the star of the show. Everyone will be Buzzing about it! 


Pam Kinneberg is the owner and artist for her business, PiKadilly Face Painting located near Fargo, North Dakota. She has won numerous contests and can be found in various magazines including SkinMarkz Magazine, The Colored Palette, QMagazine, Wet Paint Magazine and SillyFarm Newsletters. 
Instagram: @pikadillyfacepainting