They’re Always After Me Lucky Charms!


As we head out of February and make way into March, another festive holiday approaches. Good ol’ St. Patrick’s day when every body is a little Irish as they dress up in various shades of green, adorn themselves in Shamrock patterns and get ready for fun. Many communities truly embrace this day and look upon it as a break out from the long winter months and a sign of spring and warm weather ahead. St. Patrick day parades, parties and other social gatherings are an excellent time to break out the face paints and make this a real party! When it comes to the “wearing o’ the green”, face has you covered.


Snazzaroo  has a St. Patrick’s Day kitall ready to go with paints and assorted stencils, or perhaps a Shamrock stamp is more your style.


If you are looking to get more creative in your design, the Celtic stencils may be just the tools for you.



We have so many shades of green paint even a Leprechaun would, well…. turn green with envy. We aren’t just talking plain green but multiple shades, also neon and shimmer paints as well.

greensUV Neon Greens1M Green


rainbow cake can be a fun addition to any paint design like to create the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow.


Green and gold shimmer powder or glitter will really make those designs dazzle or if you want to create other lucky charms we have stencils with a variety of shapes that will make the job easy.



What about the Unicorn? If you have ever been to a St. Pat’s celebration you surely have heard the Unicorn song at least once. Have one of these Unicorn Glitter Tattoo stencils on hand and you will be a hit.

So grab the makeup kit and a plate of corned beef and cabbage, we’ll see you at the party!