The Many Faces of Dachi

Lady Lobo

Lady Lobo

Cosplaying is the adult version of dress-up. Only instead of donning our mothers cast downs and traipsing around in heeled shoes a million times too big for us we now spend a lot time and effort to look like our favorite characters. A big part of cosplaying is the costume, but frequently it is the makeup that gives the outfit the finishing touch. And Lisa from The Many Faces of Dachi is an excellent example of great makeup.

At C2E2 she portrayed Lobo, but her repertoire goes far beyond that. A few of her characters include Spine from Steam Powered Giraffe, Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe, and the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

How long have you been doing cosplay?

Lisa:Since 2006 so about 9 years

What got you started in cosplay?

Lisa:I always watched anime and cartoons since I was a kid. I always dressed up my whole life. So cosplay was just a new name for something I have always done!

Lisa as Spark

What was your first character?

Lisa:Jan Valentine from Hellsing. It was a crazy costume I didn’t have money for a wig, and my mom at the time didn’t want me dyeing my hair. So we, no joke, asked my hair cutter what I should do and she said “Mascara.” So parts of my hair, and my whole pony tail, we made black by mascara 15 bottles were used. It washed right out.


What was your first con?

Lisa:Anime Centralmore known as Acen.


What are your favorites characters to portray?

Lisa:I would say my Cheshire Cat because I change the make-up every time!

The Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat