Full Face Mermaid Princess Design

Full Face Mermaid Princess Design

Having raised 4 children, three of whom are girls, I have truly come to appreciate the importance of fairy tale characters, especially that of the princess. So with the aide of my two aspiring artists and youngest of the clan, we present the Mermaid Princess makeup.

Face Paint Colors:

* Paradise Nuance Deep Sea Blue

* Kryolan Aquacolor Teal 090 (sub Paradise Teal)

* Diamond FX Metallic Green

* Kryolan Interferenz Strauss Wine PU (sub Global Pearl Magenta)

* Paradise Brilliant Argente Silver

* Ben Nye Lumiere Cosmic Violet

* Mehron GlitterMark Gold

* Amerikan Body Art Poofable Glitter White


* Snazaroo Stencils Scales (sub Scale Stencils of your choice)

* Mehron Hydra Sponge, cut in half

* Ben Nye Medium Contour Brush (sub Paradise Chisel Brush)

* Mehron Powder Brush

* Ben Nye Final Seal


Full Face Mermaid Princess Design 1-2

Step 1. Begin with a clean face and hair pulled back, and use the sponge and Deep Sea Blue for the outer edge, following down the neck line and across the collar bone.

Step 2. Apply the Aquacolor Teal with the Hydra sponge to the remaining face and neck area, blending with the darker color. Take care to get close to the bottom eye line.

Mermaid Princess 3

Step 3. With larger scale portion of the template over forehead, get a liberal amount of the DFX Metallic Green on the sponge and dab over the template on the forehead area.

Mermaid Princess 4-5

Step 4. Now Use the same method on the side of the face.

Step 5. Use the small scales of the template for the neck area.

Mermaid Princess 6-7

Step 6. Use the medium contour brush for eye makeup.The Strauss Wine will be the first color applied to the eyelid, stay to the upper portion of the eyelid along eyebrow line.

Step 7. Just below the first shade add the silver with your contour brush, leaving a portion of the eyelid teal.

Step 8. Use contour brush and Strauss wine to color lips.

 Mermaid Princess 9-10-11

Step 9.Use the Mehron Gold Glitter for the dots on the eyebrows.

Step 10. Use the powder brush to apply the Cosmic Violet for blush.

Step 11. Apply poofable glitter, make sure the subject keeps eyes closed and head back for best results.

Step 12.Spritz the final seal over the make up to help prevent smudging.

*We added a necklace, hair color and flower to complete the look in our final photo.

Mermaid Princess