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Not every white seems to be perfect for every job. Some are good for line work others are better for blending - let's find out what is the best white for you! sells dozens of different brands black face paint, so which one should you to choose for your kit? This blog will definitely help you decide...
In this quick tutorial, face paint artist Marina, shows us how to remove tough face paint stains, and it's actually easier than you'd think!

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An interesting conversation came up on one of the face painting Facebook groups this last week. It began, "How do I decide what to charge for face painting?" This is one of the most asked questions for not only new face painters, but also face painters who have been painting for awhile. 

Your reputation is your business and your business is your reputation. Develop good relationships and treat others honestly. 

You've booked an event as a face painter for a large adult birthday party, but two days before the event, you get a call from the host. What do you do?
Face painters love to make kids happy, so we don't ever want a child to have a sensitivity or reaction to face paint. I hope this video will help you think through protocols in advance which will help you assist your clients professionally.

How do you handle it when you're face painting at a large event and the organizers oversell tickets for the face painting? 

Do you want to start face painting at festivals and large events? Not sure what you'll need to look professional and stand out from all the other booths? This post goes through some of the things that you'll need at your next big event. 

If you're relatively new as a face painter, you may never have thought to service your previous clients with emails or phone calls, but failing to make contact early in the year can cost you some of your best regular customers.

You pick up the phone to find a concerned mom on the other end. Her daughter's face seemed to be overly red after they removed the face paint. Is it an allergic reaction? What should she do? As a face painter, you feel immediate concern for the child and also for your business. This is the call you have hoped you will never receive. 

Problem: You're checking through your spreadsheet and doing weekly follow-up calls when you realize that one client hasn't returned her event information to you although you sent her an email followed by a text reminder. You pick up your phone to give her a call. After she answers and you explain who you are, she suddenly hangs up. 

Problem: You’re buzzing through your line during an event, completely in your creative element, and a little boy in your chair suddenly asks you (loudly) who you voted for in the last presidential election. 
One of my favorite designs that I wear for events, but which came from another artist originally.
Instagram a great asset for face painters and it is definitely my preferred social media platform. In this article, I’m going to be going through some helpful tips!