Using Instagram For Face Painting Success

Instagram Face Paint

Instagram a great asset for face painters and it is definitely my preferred social media platform. In this article, I’m going to be going through some helpful tips that will help you get the most out of Instagram as a creative face painter.

Don’t be shy – Reach out to other painters
There is a great community of face painters on Instagram. Follow painters that you like and painters that are close to you and reach out to them via DM or in the comments sections. You can share tips, do a fun collaboration together, or even get together for a face painting jam. Instagram is a great way for people to just get their work and talent out there rather than advertising, so there is more of a personable feeling among painters. Take advantage of this and reach out to other painters!

Get your work out there
There are tons of pages out there that love to feature the work of face painters! This is a great way to get a lot of people to see your skills. Make sure to be creative and post high quality photos with good lighting. Then, use hashtags to get your work noticed. Usually, feature pages have their very own hashtag so that they can see your work. For example, you can tag your photos with #facepaincom for a chance to be featured on our very own @facepaintcom Instagram page. You’ll get more followers and you’ll get definitely get recognized for your great work! This can translate into more clients and more opportunities.

Enter Contests
I’ve mentioned my love for Instagram contests before. They are so fun to enter, you get to see the work of other talented artists in the face painting community, and you could possibly win great prizes. Usually, face painting and makeup company profiles (such as @facepaintcom), as well as Instagrammers with large amounts of followers, will periodically hold giveaways and contests. Enter these contests because they are so fun and rewarding to do. Make sure to follow all the rules very carefully, though!

Gain Inspiration
There are so many inspirational artists that are part of the face paint community on Instagram. Take screenshots of designs you like, watch the short instructional video clips that people post, and find out what other painters are doing that you could possibly do, too. Have fun with it and most importantly, post your own work often! Instagram is like a little on-the-go portfolio of your work, so use it as such! Remember, you’re not just a face painter for kids parties, you are an artist!