What to Bring to Your First Big Face Painting Event

A couple of weekends ago, I finally painted at my first big festival! Before this point, I had only painted at small events like birthday parties, block parties, small community events, and private sessions. Festivals require more supplies, time, and effort, so in this post I am going to outline what you'll need to look professional at your next big event. 

4 Things to Bring With You To Your First Big Face Painting Event

#1. Tent

Face Paint Event Tent

One thing you should invest in if you want to start painting at festivals is a nice tent. Mine is 10 ft. x 10 ft. with a white top. Make sure to get a white top because any other color will reflect onto the faces, which make colors seem less vibrant and will make pictures less impressive. If you live somewhere that is windy, make sure to have something to weigh down your tent (i.e. sand bags)! Some festivals take place on asphalt and some (like the one I painted at) don't allow stakes in the grass. 

#2. Banner/Signage

Festival Setup

When painting at a festival, signage is so important! You want everyone to be attracted to your booth, so try to invest in a professional looking banner. I designed my banner myself, but I recommend getting a graphic designer to do your banners for you if you are not familiar with design software. Make sure to have pictures of your work and your prices clearly visible. Personally, I have my big banner that has just one picture and the words "Face Painting" clearly written along with my website. Then, I have a chalkboard hanging on my table that lists prices, information, safety info, etc. And finally, I have laminated "menus" with pictures/examples of options for the customers to choose from. Some people use their big banner as a menu - it just depends on your needs and how you would like to set up your booth. 

#3. Extra Supplies

Festivals are usually hours long or even all day, so you have to make sure to pack for the occasion! Bring extra sponges, water, etc. I have a little bucket that I bring with me to pour out water so that I can change it out periodically. Also, make sure to bring lots of gems with you to big events! Little girls love gems, and parents will pay extra for them, especially if you offer bling clusters. 

#4. Cash Box

Festivals are a lot different from birthday parties because you will be dealing with money. If you're at a really big event, you should definitely have an assistant to help you manage customers. Have a good cash box with a lock, and make sure to have change with you. I also have a Square device so that I can accept credit and debit cards. Finally, make sure that you have a tip jar out and visible next to your business cards. 

I hope that you found this list helpful. Have fun preparing for your next festival!