Versatile Easter Bunny Design Tutorial


Tag Split Cake perl rose / perl white

Wolfe white

Global lime green

Tag purple

flat brushes one stroke #12 (Donna Dewberry) and 3/4" (Global)

Round brush #4 such as Mark Reid

Sillyfarm Petal brush

facepainting sponges such as these


one white or pink Mini Pom Pom (find it in the crafts section of your favorite hobby store)

two pink heart jewels such as these

skin adhesive such as Pros-Aide


This is a design that is fast, cute and easy to adapt to all kinds of requests, like for children that do not like their eyes painted. You could easily omit the flowers and work with a textured stencil around the eyes to speed up lines or to accommodate boys.

Start by applying a light green base of facepaint around the eyes with a sponge.

Shape the body of the bunny. I used a big dauber sponge loaded with TAG split cake pink/white and gave it a little twist to achieve sharp edges and a nice blend.

If you don’t have a dauber you might use a ¾” flat brush and simply paint ¼” of a full circle (between the feet).

Loading your #12 flat brush well with the split combo pink/white; load the brush on one side with half pink half white on one side only and on the other side very well with white Wolfe facepaint (up to the ferrule). With the white side of the brush go ahead and paint on three loops to shape each foot, just above the eye brows. Then paint the white little part of one ear and finish the ears with the pink side of your brush. You want the pink part shimmery and the white part opaque with a pink touch only.

If you plan on finishing the bunny with heart jewels and a cute little pom pom butt, then you would have to apply skin adhesive now so it has time to get tacky while you are still painting. Apply a gracious amount on the pom pom.

With a #4 round brush load TAG pearl pink and paint three pink dots on the bunny’s feet.

(if you don’t have jewels or a pom pom to apply then you would simply paint two little hearts and a cute bunny butt now)

As for the eye designs I decided to paint some quick double dip flowers with petals in white and purple and added some dots. And then applied the heart jewels and pom pom.

This is your area to play with. Make this design yours; add some swirls and teardrops. Maybe you want to use a texture stencil for a boy design (and paint the bunny beige or blue?) or use a flower stencil because the line seems endless long? You may even not paint anything more but just add a smear of Pixie Paint or chunky glitter?

Make it yours and I would love to see the photos!

 Happy Easter!