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Cute Koala Cheek Design by Francesca Marchitelli

Posted by Francesca Marchitelli on

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  • Even though some people call them koala "bears," they are not bears at all - bears do not have pouches! If you love koalas, follow these simple steps to learn how to do a koala face painting!

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    Koala Mask Face Paint Design by Annabel Hoogeveen

    Posted by Annabel Hoogeveen on

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  • Today's challenge was painting a koala mask face paint design, while keeping the eye, nose and mouth area free of paint! And that turned out to be a real challenge!

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    Koala Face Paint Design Video by Ana Cedoviste

    Posted by FP Admin on

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  • Koalas are some of the cutest animals in the world, and this koala face paint design by Ana Cedoviste is no exception! Watch the video and follow along with Ana to recreate this adorable koala face paint design.

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    Cute Koala Face Paint Design by Pam Kinneberg

    Posted by Pam Kinneberg on

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  • Professional face paint artist Pam Kinneberg shows us how to create an adorable koala face paint design! Follow along with Pam to create your own koala design in this easy to follow step by step tutorial.

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