Cute Koala Cheek Design by Francesca Marchitelli

Koalas are always one of the favorite animals for kids and adults because of their cuteness. They live in Australia and they are marsupials (animals that carry their babies in a pouch, like kangaroos). Even though some people call them koala "bears," they are not bears at all - bears do not have pouches! If you love koalas, follow these simple steps to learn how to do a koala face painting!

Koala Cheek Design

Step 1: Trace the Koala

Draw the koala: between the eyes, draw a small arc similar to an upside-down letter U for the nose. Add a small line at the bottom to close off the shape of the koala's nose.

Add a couple of jagged lines at the top of the head for the koala's fur.
Draw a curved line for the first ear. Koalas have big ears, so make this curved line big. It should be similar to the letter C. Add some jagged lines along the way to represent fur.

Draw a few lines inside each ear to emphasize the koala's structure and fur. Draw a little speech bubble with a tiny heart inside.

Step 2: Add Color

Fill in the inner part of the ears and the tummy with light gray face paint.

Step 3: Fill in the Rest of the Design

Fill in the rest of the body with a one tone darker grey  and with a two tone darker grey  fill in the nose and the paws of the koala. Fill the speech bubble in with white and color the heart with red.

Step 4: Outline

Draw the borders of the koala with a precision liner adding some details such as the mouth, the jagged lines of the fur, and the paws.
With the white, draw a couple of blank circles inside each eye to represent glare, and also highlight the heart. 

Products Used:

Cameleon Face Paint in Baseline Gray
Kryvaline Face Paint in Light Gray
Superstar Face Paint in Light Gray
Mehron Paradise Detailz Black Face Paint
Cameleon Face Paint in Pure White

Koala Cheek Design


Francesca Marchietelli is a professional face painter from Italy. A self-taught artist, Francesca loves the arts, and everything to do with face painting!

Follow her on Instagram to see more of her amazing work!