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Easy 'Blue' Mask by Annabel Hoogeveen

Posted by Annabel Hoogeveen on

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  • In this tutorial I will show you how to paint an easy, on-the-job, 'Blue' dinosaur mask using mainly a one-stroke and stencils to give it a quick 3D look.

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    Dino Attack! by Kristin Olsson

    Posted by Kristin Olsson on

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  • With the new Jurassic World movie being released, I wanted to create a super cool eye design with some added effects to create that wow-factor. 

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    Jurassic World Indoraptor Design by Kellie Burrus

    Posted by Kellie Burrus on

  • Tags: Animals, Characters, Designs, Dinosaur, FAB paint, Jurassic Park, Kellie Burrus, Kids, Loew Cornell, Mask, Mehron, Silly Farm
  • Jurassic World's newest Dinosaur is called the Indoraptor. In anticipation of the  Jurassic World movie coming out soon, I thought it would be fun to paint this  character in a face paint.

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    Jurassic “Blue” Face Paint Design by Pam Kinneberg

    Posted by Pam Kinneberg on

  • Tags: BAM Stencils, Boy design, Dinosaur, FAB paint, Global Body Art, Jurassic Park, Loew Cornell, Mehron, Pam Kinneberg, Wolfe FX
  • This design captures the look of Blue’s distinctive markings. This will be a quick, yet fun and unique design for your summer events.

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