Jurassic World Indoraptor Design by Kellie Burrus

    Step 1: Use a light green to cover over your left eye as a base for your prehistoric fern. Draw out the Indoraptor over your right eye positioning its mouth open around your eye. Loosely fill the Indoraptor with a dark gray, leaving open spaces for where the eye and mouth will go.

    Step 2: Use blue to brush on and blend in some color where your highlights will fall.

    Step 3: Use a white to brush and blend in more highlights over the blue color.

    Step 4: Fill in the eye area with red and highlight the center with white. Fill in the tongue and connective tissues between the jaws with pink. Cover your lid (the inside of the Indoraptor's mouth) with black and go around the tongue with black to fill in the rest of the Indoraptor's mouth.

    Step 5: Use white to add the Indoraptors claws, teeth and more prominent highlights. Use yellow to add some of the Indoraptors coloring on the tail. Use black to add more shadows and to shade the tongue and connective tissues. Also use your black to paint the spiky frills to the top of the Indoraptors head and back.

    Step 6: Use a medium green and round brush to create the leaves of the fern around the left eye going across the bridge of the nose to overlap the dinosaur.

    Step 7: Use a yellow color to go over the same fern leaf strokes to give a highlight.

    Step 8: Use a thin round brush and black paint to add a dark shadow to the under parts of the leaves.

    This completes the Indoraptor emerging from the Prehistoric vegetation!


    Materials Used:

    Mehron Paradise Black

    Mehron Paradise White

    FAB Green

    FAB Pink

    FAB Red

    FAB Yellow

    Loew-Cornell Round's #1 #3 #6

    PaintPal Little Drop Brush