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Roaring Cheetah Face Paint Design by Kellie Burrus

Posted by Kellie Burrus on

  • Tags: Adult, Animals, Cat, Cheetah, Designs, Diamond FX, FAB paint, Loew Cornell, One Stroke, Silly Farm
  • Animals are always a great option for face paint, and pretty much everyone can agree that cheetahs are some of the most gorgeous big cats. For this step by step I wanted to try a cheetah face paint design that is roaring with its mouth open. I hope you enjoy!

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    “On the Job Cheetah” by Pam Kinneberg

    Posted by Pam Kinneberg on

  • Tags: Animals, Cat, Cheetah, Cosmetic Glitter, Girl design, Pam Kinneberg, Split Cake
  • I created this cheetah design to be easy, fast and practical. It leaves the mouth area free of paint so that the child can eat without messing up the design (the lipstick is optional).

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    Baby Cheetah Arm Design by Marina

    Posted by Marina Krmek on

  • Tags: Animals, Arm Design, Baby, Cat, Characters, Cheetah, Designs, Diamond FX, Easy Designs, Kids
  • If you are like me and get nervous when kids ask for whole body animals, this tiger,kitty,cheetah design this is gonna be life saver!

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