Roaring Cheetah Face Paint Design by Kellie Burrus

Animals are always a great option for face paint, and pretty much everyone can agree that cheetahs are some of the most gorgeous big cats. For this step by step I wanted to try a cheetah face paint design that is roaring with its mouth open. I hope you enjoy!

Cheetah Face Paint Tutorial

Step 1:

I loaded a round brush with a natural light flesh tone and sketched out where I wanted my cheetah's features to be placed on the models face.

Step 2:

I loaded a half round sponge with Roar Pixie Rainbow cake and sponged on the color throughout the design where the cheetahs fur would be. I made sure to keep the darkest color on the outer edges of the design. I also went over the eyes with the loaded sponge, again keeping the darkest brown color towards the outer corners of the eyes.

Step 3:

In this step I loaded a small angled brush with a pink to purple one stroke and filled in the nose, tongue and under tongue.

Step 4:

I loaded my round brushwith the light flesh tone and filled in the teeth and right above the pink of the nose. I also loaded a small round brush with a dark brown and began to draw in the snarly wrinkles on the nose and around the eyes.

Step 5:

I loaded my round brush with black and outlined the models eyes and smudged the edges to give it a softer look. After I lined the eyes I dipped that same brush into water to dilute and reactivate the paint left on my brush to make a wash. Using the wash I added some shading to the muzzle and around the pink of the nose.

Step 6:

I loaded a round brushwith black paintand filled in the areas that are black inside and around the mouth, the nose, the muzzle and wrinkles. 

Step 7:

I loaded my rake brush with a brown and black and added hair like stroke’s inside the ears and under the chin. I loaded a round brush with a pink and shaded the bases of the teeth. Lastly in this step, I loaded a round brush with black and painted on the cheetah spots.

Step 8:

I loaded a round brush with black and outlined the cheetah's face. I loaded another round brush with white to add whiskers and highlights and my design was finished! :)

Materials Used:

 Always Wicked Pink Sponges

Loew-Cornell Brush Round #2

Loew-Cornell Brush Round #5

American Painter Angled Brush 

Face Paint Shop 1/2 inch rake brush 

Roar Pixie Rainbow cake by Silly Farm 

Diamond FX Black 

FAB white

Diamond FX essential fair skin

Rich Orchid Fusion One Stroke 



Kellie Burrus is an all around artist who has been painting skin for six years now. She is the owner and operator of her company, Fabulous Faces by Kellie LLC, based in Long Island, New York.

Since her journey into face and body art Kellie has won several face painting contests and has been featured in face and body painting magazines.

Below are some links to Kellies social media pages that you may wish to check out and follow!