Tutorial: Spring Time Unicorn

Springtime Unicorn.

Springtime is just around the corner. One of the designs I’m asked for time and time again, is a unicorn. So let’s get started in this cute springtime unicorn design.


  1. Wolfe White
  2. Diamond FX Black
  3. Global Fun Stroke Cuba
  4. Global Fun Stroke Ibiza
  5. 1″ Flat brush
  6. #2 round brush
  7. #4 round brush
  8. Small filbert brush
  9. Glitter (any color)

Springtime Unicorn.Start out by generously loading your 1″ Flat brush with Global Fun Stroke Cuba. Begin on either side of the forehead. Brush across the forehead and around the eye, ending the stroke at the top of the cheek.

Bring the brush back to the top of the original stroke and make a crescent shape to fill up the other side of the forehead. Remember to flip your brush so the colors are the same on each side of the design.


Springtime Unicorn.Load your small filbert brush with Wolfe White and make an oval shape on the cheek. Using the same brush, paint a square shape at the end of the oval. This will be your guide when make the unicorn’s head.

Springtime Unicorn.Reload your small filbert with Wolfe White. Using your guide, begin shaping the Unicorn’s head. With the same brush, you can add the horn, ears and neck.

Springtime Unicorn.Load your small filbert brush with one side of your Global Fun Stroke Ibiza. Begin adding the Unicorn’s mane and top wisp.

Springtime Unicorn.Grab your #4 round brush and Diamond FX black to begin outlining your Unicorn. I always like to start at the horn and continue down to the face and mane, ending with the eye. I find it works best to make the eye closed. This helps when you have kiddos that are a little squirmy.

Springtime Unicorn.From here it’s all about adding some extra flair. With your #2 round brush loaded with Wolfe White, begin adding dots and stars throughout the design. Adding a star to the top of the unicorn’s horn give a nice touch. Add a few highlights to the Unicorn’s mane.

Springtime Unicorn.Add some teardrops to fill in the design using your #4 round brush and Wolfe White.

Top off the design with some glitter and there you have it! A quick springtime unicorn that will be a big hit at your next gig.




Stacey Perry is the owner of and primary face painter for Peekaboo Faces located in Lafayette, Louisiana.