Spiderman Made Easy

Spiderman by Cosmic Face Painting

Spiderman by Cosmic Face Painting


Mehron Wedge Cream Makeup Sponges

Ben Nye Fine Tipped Brush

Colors Used In this Picture:

Ben Nye Luminere Cherry Red

Ben Nye Luminere Starry Night (Black)

Ben Nye Luminere Ice (White)

Recommended Kit:

Ben Nye MagiCake Face Paint Pallet(6 Color)


  1. Using a clean sponge and the white face paint start by encompassing the entire eye. The lower edge of the circle will be just just above the apple of the cheek.
  2. Once you have the encompassed the eye, use the edge of the sponge to draw a triangle from the edges of your eye circle to a point directly above the center of the eyebrows, about halfway up the forehead.
  3. Now comes the Spider mask. If you have a red pencil; you can outline where you want the mask to encompass, otherwise use your red paint and the narrow edge of your sponge. In this case the mouth was left open and an arc was created going over the nose, but you could just as easily complete the oval and incorporate the mouth. Once the outline is complete, fill in the red.
  4. Now all that is left is web (and the spider if the child has the patience)
  5. Envision the web as starting from a dot between the eyes and draw a handful of black lines (on the red areas only) that radiate out from it. Curved lines that follow the contours of the face work the best.
  6. Complete the web by drawing short lines between the longer lines.

You can stop at this point with a basic Spider mask, or you can add some details to it such as highlights in white. Black outlines etc… Use your imagination, just remember, that sometimes simple is better.

If you want to add a spider, you can put it anywhere on the web.

  1. Draw a small black circle
  2. Draw a slightly larger black oval connected below the circle
  3. Using a fine brush or a black pencil you will draw legs that start at the junction of the dots. The traditional character symbol has two legs arcing backwards around the body and two arcing forward around the head.

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