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We have shown you quite a few of our products in the face paint family including sparkle and neon palettes, but a product that is somewhat different is the pressed powders.  These powders differ from shimmer or glitter powder as they are pressed into a cake form, similar to eye shadow in consistency and can give a more flawless coverage than traditional face paint. Pressed powders are not just found as eye shadow makeup but as cheek and foundation products as well. This is a very high-pigmented makeup that can be applied wet or dry and you will find the coverage is very smooth, one of the easiest products for blending colors. Using them as a foundation helps absorb some of the natural facial oils but if warn long term you may need a touch up throughout the day. When used like a blush to highlight cheekbones and bring out pleasing contours to your face I think you will be happy with how easy these powders are to apply.

Major brands like Mehron, Ben Nye and Kryolan have a variety of pressed powder palettes in various color shades from wild and vibrant to subtle smooth natural tones. You can also find palettes available in standard matte finish as well as shimmer finish; here are a few samples to compare.

Mehron Fire Intense

Mehron Fire Intense


Kryolan Cool Vivia Pro

Kryolan Cool Vivia Pro

Ben Nye Glam Shadow

Ben Nye Glam Shadow

Let’s take a closer look at the products on the skin. We selected a couple of shades from the Ben Nye Lumiere Palette.


These are very vibrant with a rich pigment and excellent coverage.

These products of course can be combined with your other face paint products to add to an already amazing design. The photo at the top of the page used Ben Nye Lumiere for the eyes, Mehron blush for the cheeks and TAG black for the eyeliner. As you can see all three brands of makeup types work well together in one design.

As always we enjoy sharing information on our products.

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