Pro Paint by Graftobian

The only thing we like better than getting in a new product is sharing it with you. Now I’m sure you folks are no strangers to the Graftobian name, especially since the company has been on the makeup scene since the late 70’s; but they have just introduced a new line of Face Paint called Pro Paint.


The deep pigmentation and full coverage make this a high performance makeup. By adding just a little water the glycerin-based formula works up a rich creamy texture delivering a smooth and even consistency in application. There is no doubt that this can be used as a base coat to block out the skin tone on your subject. In testing the Pro Paint palettes 1 & 2 we found that nearly all of the colors activated with just a little water. Touch ups can be done with a wet wipe but soap and water will fully clean off the makeup. The natural creamy texture to the makeup would also allow for some application without the use of water like as a blush or soft shading.

The case:


These sturdy artist cases hold 12 large individual paint cakes and the color guide label above is great for reordering. Each cake can be removed if you need to work with the paint directly in your hand. Let’s take a closer look at the Pro Paint kits.

Kit #1 IMG_0004

This kit brings you the basic colors of red, blue, orange and so on but as the photos show they are certainly brilliant shades. Also with names like Buttercup yellow and Fuzzy Bear brown one can’t help but smile when using them. The full color selection can certainly help you accomplish most any face paint design one could dream up.

IMG_0001 IMG_0004



Kit #2 IMG_0010

FX paint is here with some of the most outstanding paints in its category. The metallic paints look like liquid metal we’re talking Terminator here folks. The Neon colors are brilliant with or without the black light. The 3 pastel shades are soft yet rich and the flesh tone certainly could be used as a foundation makeup.






Neon Black light

Neon Black light


Pastel and fleshtone

Pastel and flesh tone.

Graftobian once again has proven they just don’t sit back comfortably on past products but they are always looking for new ways to turn our heads.