Frankensteins Monster Face Paint Design

frankenstein by Cosmic Face Painting

Frankenstein by Cosmic Face Painting

Working on children can be difficult. Some children are great and sit still while others bounce around all excited. Unfortunately even the ones that sit still only have a limited patience. Doing a full face paint mask on any child can take a while, this idea by Cosmic Face Paint is a great solution for the child with limited patience. A half face mask.


Snazaroo Face Paint Brush Kit w/Sponge

Colors Used In this picture:

Ruby Red Avocado Face Paint

Ruby Red Black Face Paint

Ruby Red White Face Paint

Recommended Kit:

Ruby Red Classic Face Paint Pallet


For these instructions we are only going to cover half of the face, but it is very simple to expand the instructions on your own to do the full face paint.

  1. Using a clean sponge cover half of the face in the green face paint.
  2. Using the black, at the top of the forehead draw an arc along the hairline to just above the outer eye. Then go down and draw the outline of the fringed hair and fill it in with black.
  3. Using the black and your sponge, create a smudged looking black eye that encompasses the whole eye socket
  4. With your brush use the black to draw a bushy eyebrow that starts at the inner eye and traces along the natural brow line
  5. Use your brush to draw the outline of the mouth, extend the mouth about halfway across the cheek, you want it big and monstrous.
  6. Using the white paint and your brush, draw and fill in big monstrous teeth
  7. Fill the gaps between the teeth with black.

To Enhance the monster you can add green, black or brown to make the teeth look bad, add a traditional scar along the cheek or forehead or redden the eye a bit to make it look more bruised