Green Peace Sign with Flowers Face Painting

Peace Sign 3


  1. Use contrasting colors to make it pop. 
  2.  Make sure to wipe your brush clean after each color. This will keep your colors bright.


Medium #4 Round Brush

Colors Used In This Picture:

Diamond FX Essential White
Tag Body Art Yellow
Tag Body Art Orange 

Tag Body Art Rose
Tag Body Art Light Green


Peace Sign 1

1.  Using your number 4 brush, and the light green face paint, start to draw a circle where you want to put your design.  Make the circle thick, draw a line in the middle of the circle, then two lines going diagonal from each side of the straight line. 

2. Next using the rose face paint,  add a few flowers along the bottom right of the peace sign.  You can make these petal shapes, by pushing the brush directly down in different angles, from one center spot. 

Peace Sign 2

3.  Using the orange face paint, add more flowers surrounding the the bunch, make them different shapes and sizes. Add orange dots to the middle of the rose dots.   Repeat the same steps using the yellow face paints. 

Peace Sign 3

4.  Finish the design, by outlining in white. Trace around the flower petals, and the peace sign. Add white dots around the design too. 

Groovy ! Peace, Love & Rock & Roll.