Painting with Glasses- Tribal Car by Kellie Burrus

A lot of people wear glasses- and they want their faces painted too! Sometimes people who are wearing glasses think that a face painting won’t work for them and that it will take away from the design. But there are lots of ways to paint a face that wears glasses. In this tutorial I will share my step by step Tribal Car design, I hope you enjoy!

Car Design

Materials Used:

Loew-Cornell #2 round 

Loew-Cornell American Painter 1/2 Angled Brush 

DFX White 

DFX Black 

Fun Stroke Hero Pallet by Onalee in BAM, CRASH, and ZAP.

Diamond FX Split Cake in Black Out 

Step 1: Draw the Design

When someone sits in my chair with glasses I always ask them to please take them off while I paint. Load a small round brush with a wax based white and draw your car design out down the cheek bone. 

Step 2: Fill in Design

Load an angled brush with a red one stroke (or any color you like) and fill in the parts of the car body.

Step 3: Windows & Headlights

Load an angled brush with a silvery one stroke and fill in the front wind shield and the head lights and radiator.

Step 4: Tires

Load an angled brush with a black and white one stroke and create a tire on the front drivers side that is visible. Load the angled brush with a yellow and orange one stroke and add some “lights” colors to the outer corners of the headlights.

Step 5: Tribal Lines

Load a round brush with wax based black and create tribal lines coming from the back of the car and going over the eye. Use the same brush and paint to outline the and add any small details to the cars fixtures.

Step 6: Highlights

Load a round brush with a wax based white and create highlights on the car. At this point the person in your chair can put their glasses back on and look in the mirror to see their design! 


Kellie Burrus is an all around artist who has been painting skin for six years now. She is the owner and operator of her company, Fabulous Faces by Kellie LLC, based in Long Island, New York.

Since her journey into face and body art Kellie has won several face painting contests and has been featured in face and body painting magazines.

Below are some links to Kellies social media pages that you may wish to check out and follow!