Neon Eyes Face Paint Tutorial


No this is not an album cover for a pop band or National Geographic photo of unexplored regions of the sea, but more fun with Neon/ UV face paint. I’ve received quite a few requests in my inbox to do more articles about Neon face paint and Eye makeup, so I thought “why not combine the two”.

If you look close at the photo above you can see our models eye, the dark line in the center is the eyelash; a quick simple paint, here’s what we used.

*Wolfe Neon palette.

*A 1 inch wide brush for the large area of green below the eye and the large area of orange above the eye,

*A medium round brush for the blue accents.

*A strange imagination.

I do enjoy watching programs about the Ocean life and this design just sort of came from watching too many Jacques Cousteau specials as a child. Working with the Neon face paints is an opportune time to step into another dimension and let yourself free. Not that you can’t have a goal or a certain look you want to achieve but I encourage you to just have fun and see where your imagination takes you. If you missed the previous article on Neon paints I’ll list a couple of helpful tips again.

*The florescent style black light works best for illuminating your work.

*Have the black light nearby so you can see the progress of your design.

*Little smudges show up much more with UV than regular paints, so keep the wet wipes handy.

Okay let’s try another design and we will show you the process.

Supplies used:

Diamond Neon paints.

A medium flat brush to paint the wings and body.

A medium round brush to add details.

Step 1. Always start with a clean face.

Step 1.

Step 1.

Step 2. With the medium flat brush start at the corner of the eye using the contour of the face as a guide we form the wings, give the brush a slight twist near the end of the stroke to thin out your edges.

Step 2.

Step 2.

Steps 3 and 4. The bridge of the nose became the simple body and we have started adding a second color to the wings by simply following the curve of the existing color.

Steps 3 & 4.

Steps 3 & 4.


Step 5.Use Black light to check the progress of your design.

Step 4.

Step 5.

Steps 6 and 7. Finish filling in the second wing color. Now using the medium round brush add some green spots for highlights and one large green dot on each eyelid.

Steps 6 & 7.

Steps 6 & 7.

This was not an elaborate paint but very fun and easy using some basic brush strokes. So go on a play with your Neon palettes and share your designs, we’d love to see what you come up with.